50 Innovative Eco Friendly Products for a Greener Lifestyle

eco friendly products
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With the effects of climate change looming large on us, our shopping choices matter more than ever. As our planet faces unprecedented environmental challenges, people all around the world are asking for a change towards sustainability. A big shift is already happening! Today, about 30% of shoppers choose to invest in eco friendly products, radically changing their purchasing behaviour. Apparently, Gen Z is leading this shift, placing a high priority on sustainability when they shop.

Picture a world where every item you own not only serves its purpose but also treads lightly on the Earth. Eco-friendly products are just that— the cornerstone of a sustainable way of living. With that, welcome to this feature on eco-conscious products, where helping the planet goes hand in hand with saving some bucks. We’ve put together a list of some amazing planet-friendly champs, showing that we can make a difference by what we buy.

50 Best Eco-friendly Products

How We Chose the Best Eco-friendly Products for You

Sustainable Materials

When choosing eco-friendly products, we look for those crafted from sustainable materials like bamboo, reclaimed wood, organic cotton, and recycled materials. These raw materials are sustainable because they are sourced responsibly, reducing harm to ecosystems and conserving resources.

Energy Efficiency

We always prioritize green products designed for energy efficiency, such as LED light bulbs and energy-efficient appliances. These items lower power consumption, which not only helps the environment but also saves you money on utility bills in the long run.

Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Components

In personal care and cleaning products, the best idea is to opt for those with non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on both your health and the environment. Additionally, choose items made from biodegradable materials, which naturally decompose, decreasing their impact on the planet.

Minimal Packaging

Considering the packaging of the products you buy is vital. Minimal or sustainable packaging is usually made from cardboard, glass, reusable or biodegradable materials. This helps to reduce waste and lessen the burden on landfills, making it a sustainable choice.

Low Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly products are typically manufactured with a lower carbon footprint, meaning they produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions during their entire lifecycle, including manufacturing and transportation, contributing to a greener planet.

Longevity and Durability

Longevity and DurabilityChoosing products designed for longevity and durability is one of the most conscious decisions. Many eco-friendly options are built to last, reducing the frequency of replacements and minimizing resource consumption over time.

Renewable Energy and Production Practices

Renewable Energy and Production PracticesSupport products manufactured using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power. Additionally, favor companies that implement sustainable production practices, such as waste reduction and responsible sourcing of materials.

Certifications and Labels

Pay attention to eco-friendly certifications and labels like USDA Organic, ENERGY STAR, Fair Trade, and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). These labels indicate that the product meets specific environmental and ethical standards, helping you make informed choices.

Lifecycle Assessment

Consider a product’s lifecycle assessment, which evaluates its environmental impact from production to disposal. Eco-friendly products often have a smaller overall environmental footprint, making them a more sustainable choice throughout their lifespan.

Consumer Awareness and Demand

Educate yourself about the importance of incorporating eco-friendly products into your lifestyle. Your purchasing choices as a consumer play a pivotal role in influencing companies to develop and offer more sustainable alternatives.

50 Best Eco-Friendly Products To Lead a Conscious Lifestyle

1. Girlfriend Collective Activewear

eco friendly products
Source: girlfriend / Instagram

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable athleisure brand, that offers a heavenly activewear experience. Its lineup includes stylish and sturdy leggings, tanks, sweatsuits, and workout bras in a range of vibrant colors and styles. The label prioritizes ethical manufacturing and works with SA8000 factories to craft its top-notch clothing. Everything is made from recycled materials like discarded single-use plastic bottles and ECONYL, catering to sizes XXS-6XL. Additionally, orders are dispatched in 100% recyclable packaging, aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

2. Made Trade

eco friendly products
Source: made.trade / Instagram

Made Trade is an online marketplace that unites 150 eco-conscious small businesses and artists, showcasing their carefully crafted sustainable products. Whether you’re shopping for clothing, accessories, furniture, or home goods, Made Trade has it all, ensuring a guilt-free shopping spree. They thoroughly vet every seller to guarantee credibility and quality on their platform. It is Climate-Neutral, a member of the 1% for the Planet initiative, and works with several environmental projects. Apart from Made Trade, there are several other trusted affordable sustainable clothing brands whose pieces will make apt wardrobe additions.

3. Mightly Kidswear

eco friendly products
Source: mightlyme / Instagram

Mightly’s super-cute clothing collection includes tees, leggings, dresses, hoodies, and pyjamas, all Fair Trade certified in India. Crafted from GOTS organic cotton, the brand solely uses non-toxic, kid-safe dyes to give our little ones the best dress-up moments. Featuring adorable, gender-neutral designs by artist Lili Arnold from Santa Cruz, California, these clothes are all about fun. They introduce new categories regularly, whether it’s rainbows, fairies, or animals. What’s reassuring is that this kidswear brand is the brainchild of three experienced moms with over 40 years in the apparel industry. So, you can trust it’s top-quality clothing for your little ones!

4. Patagonia NetPlus Collection

eco friendly products

Patagonia offers a wide range of outdoor gear and apparel, including high-performance jackets, base layers fleece, and more. All of its products are made from top-quality, eco-friendly materials designed to endure outdoor adventures. But its NetPlus collection deserves special attention. This category consists of garments made from 100% recycled fishing net fabric that can be fully traced back to fishing communities in South America. As a climate-positive B Corp, it has a Worn Wear program for trading, repairing, or buying used Patagonia items. Known for its dedication to protecting the environment, Patagonia founded the 1% for the Planet initiative, donating 1% of its sales to environmental protection.

5. Pala Eyewear

eco friendly products
Source: palaeyewear / Instagram

Pala Eyewear uses 100% plant-based, biodegradable Italian bio-acetate for their cool frames. The label collaborates with Ghanaian artisans to craft cases from recycled plastic. But the goodness doesn’t stop there; Pala supports eye-care projects in Africa too. As a B Corp, they’re dedicated to a circular economy, aiming to reuse materials and constantly improve. While they ship globally, UK customers enjoy free shipping and frame recycling services. It’s eyewear that’s not only fashionable but also eco-friendly and socially responsible.

6. Pela Phone Cases

eco friendly products
Source: pelacase / Instagram

Pela sells compostable phone and AirPods cases made from Flaxstic®, a blend of plant-based biopolymers and flax straw waste. They come in various colors and designs, allowing you to showcase your style while caring for the environment. The brand’s website claims that manufacturing these products generates 30% fewer carbon emissions and uses 34% less water during production compared to regular cases. In addition, they are rigorously tested to ensure that they’re free of harmful substances like phthalates, BPA, lead, and cadmium, guaranteeing a 100% safe choice. The good news is, many labels have understood the demand for eco-friendly phone cases, so there is something for everyone, no matter your preference.

7. Nisolo Women’s Leather Footwear

eco friendly products
Source: nisoloshoes / Instagram

Nisolo’s shoes feature intentional, minimalist, and stunning designs that set a unique vibe. Handcrafted by local artisans in Peru, the brand places a strong emphasis on 100% ethical fair trade practices and has achieved Carbon Neutral status. Honored as ‘Real Leaders’ among the Top 100 Impact Brands, Nisolo is committed to minimizing waste generation, implementing wastewater treatment, and recycling within its production process. The leather used in their footwear is repurposed from the meat industry’s by-products that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste. It is one of the most sustainable shoe brands for women that you should definitely check out.

8. Allbirds Shoes

eco friendly products
Source: allbirds / Instagram

Allbirds find its inspiration in Mother Nature, making them our favorite choice. They offer comfort, lightness, and easy machine-washing. With their eco-conscious approach, they use natural merino wool ethically, recycle water bottles for laces, and use 90% recycled cardboard in their packaging. The label’s motto is simple, using natural and sustainable materials and creating shoes with a long life cycle. It prioritizes reducing greenhouse gas emissions and maintaining a transparent supply chain powered by renewable energy. Plus, the minimalist design of their shoes are focused in keeping your feet comfy without unnecessary flashy logos.

9. Oakywood Workspace Accessories

eco friendly products
Source: oakywood / Instagram

Oakywood is an eco-conscious company specializing in crafting home office tech accessories from natural materials such as wood, cork, and wool. Their dedication to durable products goes beyond craftsmanship. For every handcrafted item they sell, they make a commitment to plant a tree. As of now, Oakywood has already planted over 87,000 trees, making them a brand that not only enhances your workspace but also stands for environmental sustainability.

10. Allégorie Vegan Laptop Sleeves

eco friendly products
Source: allegorieofficial / Instagram

Allégorie is a women-owned brand that offers a range of beautifully crafted laptop cases along with purses, wallets, and totes, all made from food waste. With innovative technology and a skilled team, they use plant-based leather from responsibly sourced apples, mangoes, pineapples, and cacti. These cruelty-free materials are USDA-certified, ensuring that their bags are entirely free of PVC. Plus, Allégorie is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization for its commitment to FairTrade principles throughout its supply chain.

11. Ecojot’s Eco-friendly Notebooks

eco friendly products
Source: ecojot / Instagram

Ecojot offers aesthetically pleasing notebooks and paper products made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Their production takes place at the renowned Cascades mill in Québec, Canada. They’re committed to eco-friendly materials, using plant-based inks, glues, and sustainable black and kraft boards sourced from North American suppliers. Ecojot has received prestigious awards for its forest-friendly practices. The company is also dedicated to helping kids in need worldwide through the Buy 1 / Give 1 campaign, donating thousands of books over the years. It’s beautiful stationery that’s kind to the environment and gives back to the community.

12. Elate Cosmetics

eco friendly products
Source: elatecosmetics / Instagram

Elate Cosmetics is a vegan makeup brand with a wide range of products, including foundation, concealer, lipstick, highlighter, and so much more. With a zero-waste approach, its cosmetics are packaged in reusable bamboo containers that are fair trade and FSC-certified. These containers can be refilled with new cosmetics that come in seed paper pouches. The label is a member of the Green Business Association and a Certified B Corporation. It donates 1% of profits to social charities and plants a tree with every order.

13. Zambeezi Lip Balms

eco friendly products
Source: zambeeziorganics / Instagram

Zambeezi’s organic lip balms are simply outstanding. Made from 100% natural beeswax, these balms are available in six variants that leave your lips soft and nourished. But what makes this skincare brand truly remarkable is its positive impact on African farming families in Zambia. Zambeezi offers fair employment opportunities and fair wages, countering the exploitation often faced by these vulnerable communities from big corporations. Apart from lipcare you can also shop for naturally fragrant body balms, and soap bars, all of which are crafted using organic materials sourced ethically from Zambia.

14. Greenzla Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

eco friendly products

Say goodbye to disposable cotton swabs and make an eco-friendly choice with these reusable makeup remover pads. They’re built to last for years, eliminating the need for throwaway wipes, sponges, or paper towels. You can use these gentle pads with makeup remover or your preferred facial products, then easily wash and use them again. Crafted from organic bamboo fibers, they even come with a handy laundry bag for easy cleaning. Making them a part of your makeup vanity not only saves you money in the long run but also benefits the environment.

15. Sun Bum Sunscreen Lotion

eco friendly products
Source: sunbum / Instagram

Sun Bum sunscreen lotion is a top choice when it comes to protecting your skin and the environment. This eco-friendly sunblock is a great option, especially if you’re headed to the beach. Unlike some sunscreens that contain harmful chemicals, Sun Bum is mineral-based and doesn’t harm the ocean when you go for a swim. It’s crucial to be responsible and protect our oceans and marine life. While eco-friendly sunscreen might cost a bit more, it’s a small investment in safeguarding our natural water bodies. So, lather up with Sun Bum and enjoy the sun responsibly.

16. Plaine Products Refillable Unscented Shampoo + Conditioner

eco friendly products
Source: plaineproducts / Instagram

Plaine Products offers a special eco-friendly solution to tame wild and hard-to-manage hair. Their Unscented Vegan Shampoo and Conditioner work wonders using natural ingredients to make your hair soft and moisturized. These products come in a 16oz reusable aluminum bottle, and they’re not only fragrance-free but also organic, safe for sensitive skin, gentle for babies, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. Plus, there’s no animal testing involved. And when you’re running low, just get a refill bottle without a pump to keep it zero-waste.

17. Beautycounter The Clean Deo

eco friendly products
Source: beautycounter / Instagram

You need to have this 2021 Sustainability Award winner deodorant in your vanity because it will not only keep you smelling fresh but also help the planet. The deo comes in a stylish, refillable container, reducing the amount of disposable plastics in landfills. It fights odor and absorbs sweat like a pro, and leaves no white marks. Plus, it boasts a delightful tropical coconut scent. The beauty brand also keeps a close eye on its mica suppliers, checking the humanitarian impact of this ingredient. While this particular product doesn’t contain mica, Beautycounter ensures responsible sourcing for its other products that do, highlighting its commitment to sustainability and ethics.

18. Kicking Horse Coffee

eco friendly products
Source: kickinghorsecoffee / Instagram

Kicking Horse Coffee has a remarkable origin story, beginning 25 years ago in a humble garage in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They take pride in their awesome range of GMO-free, pesticide-free coffee, which are all about delivering that wake-up punch with intense, fresh flavors. The secret? 100% Arabica beans grown in high-altitude regions. But wait, there’s more! The single-origin and fair-trade beans make the taste even better. Plus, 95% of their mold-free coffee is wet-processed, preserving those fruity and nutty flavors. Fun fact: Kicking Horse Coffee is Canada’s top-selling Organic Fairtrade coffee brand, with certifications like USDA-Certified Organic, Canada Organic Certified, ECOCERT, and Fair Trade Certified. It’s a coffee brand with a kick!

19. Stash Tea’s Pesticide-free Teas

eco friendly products
Source: stashtea / Instagram

Stash Teas, founded in 1972, are a burst of bold flavors and vibrant colors in every tea bag. The brand achieved B Corp certification in 2017, signaling its commitment to better environmental practices and transparent operations. All Stash Teas carry the prestigious Kosher certification from KOF-K Kosher Supervision, a leading US agency, and they’re gluten-free teas with least pesticides, meeting strict FDA standards. What’s more, their tea bags are crafted from 100% natural cellulose fibers (wood), devoid of harmful chemicals. Stash Tea assures that each cup is not only rich in taste but also 100% safe to savor, providing a stress-free tea-drinking experience.

20. Vegan Meat by Herbivorous Butcher

eco friendly products
Source: theherbivorousb / Instagram

Founded by siblings Aubry and Kale Walch, Herbivorous Butcher offers mouthwatering, plant-based meats and cheeses that can be delivered right to your doorstep across the United States. Their journey began with a simple goal: to provide people with small-batch, protein-packed, and delicious plant-based meaty alternatives. So that you can enjoy healthy and ethical eating without feeling like you’re missing out on anything. But Herbivorous Butcher isn’t just about food. The brother-sister duo run a deli and also operate a farm sanctuary, rescuing animals in need. Along with their delicacies, when you buy their cool merchandise, you’re supporting the sanctuary’s upkeep. It’s a tasty way to make a difference!

21. Seven Sundays Oatmeal

eco friendly products
Source: sevensundayscereal / Instagram

Seven Sundays, established in 2011, offers a range of wholesome breakfast cereals made from oats that are free of glyphosate residue. They source their pesticide-free oatmeal from farmers and mills that commit to not using glyphosate as a pre-harvest chemical. To ensure this, they undergo third-party testing and share the results on their website, showing their commitment to transparency. The brand maintains strong relationships with the farmers they work with and is always looking to bring new, delicious items to their cereal lineup. Keep an eye out for treats like Maple Seasalt Sunflower Cereal, Wild & Free Blueberry Muesli, and Real Cinnamon Sunflower Cereal – they’re highly recommended!

22. The Right To Shower Joy Soap Bar

eco friendly products

The Right to Shower Joy Soap Bar is created to be fair, natural, and beneficial for everyone. Its formula is free from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol, and it’s designed to nourish your skin. This soap is handcrafted in small batches in the USA, using both American and imported ingredients, including sustainably sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil. The brand is committed to making 100% vegan soap that isn’t tested on animals, and they use 100% recycled carton paper for packaging. What’s best is, it can be used for your whole body, from your head to your toes, as body soap, hand soap, shampoo, and face wash.

23. VirtueBrush Bamboo Toothbrushes

eco friendly products
Source: virtuebrush / Instagram

VirtueBrush takes care of your dental needs through its biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. With the mission to reduce plastic waste in hairbrushes and disposable toothbrushes, the brand opts for premium renewable Moso Bamboo as its core material. It also supports Land Restoration Projects and is committed to counterbalancing its environmental footprint by planting over 62,000 trees through a tree-planting program.

24. Rice Love’s Ethical Bag

eco friendly products
Source: ricelovebags / Instagram

Rice Love is driven by a passion for doing good for people and the planet. They create tote bags, crossbodies, zipper pouches, and backpacks using eco-friendly, cruelty-free materials, working with ethical manufacturers who use reclaimed rice bag burlap. What makes them stand out is their commitment to helping families in need. For every item you buy, they donate a kilo of rice to a family, and you can even see the proof by using a unique tag number to discover the family’s photo and story.

25. Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bag

eco friendly products

Stasher’s reusable silicone bags are a fantastic alternative to disposable plastic wraps or bags that harm the environment. They come in various sizes, from small for snacks to half-gallon for larger items. Whether you’re packing snacks, meal prepping, or organizing your gym bag, these bags are versatile and convenient for our everyday lives. Crafted from platinum food-grade silicone with a leak-free Pinch-Loc seal, they’re free of lead, latex, BPA, and BPS. Each bag can replace 260 single-use plastic bags annually, and they are dishwasher, microwave, and freezer-safe.

26. Purifyou Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

eco friendly products

On your next grocery run, then ditch the plastic bags for these reusable produce bags. They are equipped with a smooth drawstring closure and crafted from sturdy double-stitched mesh polyester fiber, ensuring long-lasting use. These bags are easy to clean, foldable, lightweight, and see-through. You can even use them in the fridge to keep non-leafy produce fresh longer, thanks to the breathable mesh. Plus, they’re versatile, serving as storage for groceries, laundry, gardening gear, and more. They’re perfect for organization at home or as gift bags and shopping companions.

27. Cosy Earth Bath Towels

eco friendly products
Source: cozyearth / Instagram

Indulge in pure luxury with Cozy Earth’s bath towels and robes, the perfect post-shower treat. Made from a blend of 40% viscose bamboo and 60% cotton, these towels offer unbeatable softness and warmth, turning your bathroom into a spa retreat. Cozy Earth takes pride in its eco-friendly approach, providing you with superior quality and memorable experiences. Each product is crafted from exclusive high-end textiles, unique to the brand, and they come with a generous warranty, showcasing their confidence in both quality and performance. The label is deeply involved in every stage of production, from responsibly sourcing materials to collaborating with manufacturers who share their commitment to sustainability.

28. Avocado Mattresses

eco friendly products
Source: avocado.green / Instagram

Avocado is dedicated to making your lounging and sleeping environmentally friendly with its range of organically crafted mattresses and furnishings. Every product is meticulously handmade in California using the finest, non-toxic, and 100% certified materials free from heavy metals. It is deeply committed to sustainability, proudly holding B Corporation status, and stands as one of the top Greenguard Gold Certified wood furniture brands, with Climate-Neutral certification. Plus, their products are stylish and super comfy for a dreamy sleep time.

29. East Fork’s Dinnerware

eco friendly products
Source: eastforkpottery / Instagram

East Fork is one of the best spots to shop for aesthetically pleasing non-toxic dinnerware. Its lovely and long-lasting ceramic crockery collection is crafted in Asheville, North Carolina, using local materials and a commitment to quality. You can safely use them in the dishwasher and microwave, and they’re always free of lead. The brand is a certified B Corporation, which means it meets strict standards for being responsible and open about its operations. In addition, it teams up with Climate Neutral advisors to reduce its carbon footprint and help fight global warming.

30. Homeostasis Living Reusable Paper Towels

eco friendly products

No more endless rolls of paper towels, because this particular reusable paper towel helps you to make your kitchen a bit more eco-friendly. As your greener alternative, they’re perfect for tackling messes in the playroom or kitchen counters. Not only are they biodegradable and come in zero-waste packaging, but Homeostasis Living also plants a tree for every product sold through their partnership with One Tree Planted. It’s a small change that makes a big difference for the environment, one step at a time.

31. Bee’s Wrap Plastic-Free Food Wraps 

eco friendly products
Source: beeswrap / Instagram

Bee’s Wrap is a cleverly designed reusable food wrap made from certified organic cotton, responsibly sourced beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. It replaces single-use plastic and helps keep your food fresh. From meal prep to storing leftovers or packing snacks on the go, Bee’s Wrap has all your needs covered. Made in the U.S., these eco-friendly wraps come in three sizes and can be used repeatedly. Just rinse them with cold water and mild soap after each use. Keep in mind, they’re not airtight, so they’re best for foods that don’t spoil quickly.

32. Grayl GeoPress Water Filter & Purifier

eco friendly products
Source: thegrayl / Instagram

When travelling, it’s often hard to guarantee safe drinking water from natural sources. But going after that packaged water bottle is the most unsustainable choice. That’s why we rely on the Grayl GeoPress Purifier Bottle. It saves money, minimizes plastic waste, and ensures our water is virus-free and safe to drink. This innovative bottle uses a press-like system to filter out sediment, bacteria, and heavy metals, leaving us with clean and safe water. Its wide-mouth design is convenient for filling and drinking, and its sleek shape easily fits in bags or backpacks.

33. FinalStraw Reusable Straws

eco friendly products
Source: finalstraw / Instagram

Did you know that Americans use enough straws every day to wrap around the Earth 2.5 times? It’s a big problem because these lightweight straws often end up in our oceans, harming wildlife. But here’s the good news: FinalStraw has a cool solution! They’ve designed a reusable stainless steel straw that can collapse and fit in a handy case with a portable cleaning brush for when you’re on the go. What’s even better is that these reusable straws come in different colors and cases, adding a fun twist to your daily sipping routine. And to top it off, FinalStraw is part of the 1% for the Planet initiative, showing their commitment to protecting our planet.

34. Green Glass

eco friendly products
Source: greenglasschile / Instagram

At just 18 years old, Oscar Muñoz founded Green Glass. He started by rescuing discarded glass bottles and turning them into cool drinking glasses for sale online. Oscar’s inspiration came from the limited recycling programs in Chile, especially outside of Santiago. Shockingly, only 10-20% of the population recycles, even though 90% of their waste can be recycled. Today, Green Glass collaborates with 60,000 trash collectors across Chile to turn trash into treasures. They add fun illustrations and funky designs to create sought-after glassware. Plus, the sales support causes that bring laughter to kids undergoing medical treatments.

35. Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls

eco friendly products
Source: dryer.balls / Instagram

Smart Sheep Wool Dryer Balls offer a greener alternative to traditional dryer sheets, which are often made of single-use plastic and contain harmful chemicals. These reusable wool dryer balls are chemical-free, safe for sensitive skin and babies, and help soften clothes, reduce drying time, fluff jackets, and minimize wrinkles. If you miss the scent, you can simply add a few drops of scented oil for a similar effect. They’re an eco-friendly and effective choice for laundry.

36. Vitamix Food Cycler

eco friendly products
Source: vitamix / Instagram

If you lack outdoor space for a compost pile, the Vitamix FoodCycler is your indoor-friendly, high-tech solution. While the main unit is sizable, the inner bucket fits perfectly on your countertop. After meal prep, cooking, and cleanup, just tuck the main unit under the sink and use the inner bucket. This nifty machine dries, grinds, and cools your food waste, keeping your kitchen odor-free. The processed waste can be mixed into your soil or taken to a nearby composting center. It’s a convenient way to reduce waste and do your part for the environment!

37. Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets

eco friendly products

Tired of lugging around bulky detergent bottles? Or want to switch to a greener washing solution? Then Kind Laundry has got all your laundry concerns sorted for you! These innovative sheets are not only eco-friendly but also remarkably user-friendly. Each sheet is a powerhouse of cleaning without harmful ingredients like parabens, phosphates, bleach, or dyes. Moreover, they’re completely plastic-free, a significant step in reducing single-use plastics. Kind Laundry takes their commitment further by using natural materials for their packaging, making it recyclable and septic-safe. And for those with sensitive skin, these sheets are a gentle and effective choice.

38. Seventh Generation Free & Clear Dish Soap

eco friendly products

You might be skeptical about switching your favorite cleaning products, but this dish soap is a plant-based powerhouse, showing that “green” products can be highly effective. The biodegradable liquid soap tackles grease and stubborn, dried-on food like a pro. It’s dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin, and free of fragrances or dyes. Additionally, it holds USDA Certified and EPA Safer Choice certifications. The entire bottle, including the cap, is crafted from recycled plastic, making it a sustainable choice. And we particularly like it for the fact that the brand is transparent about its ingredients.

39. Blueland Cleaning Essentials Kit

eco friendly products
Source: blueland / Instagram

Blueland is a planet-friendly brand that simplifies green cleaning. Instead of buying new cleaning bottles all the time, you can just use their Forever Bottles. All you have to do is fill them with water, drop in a cleaning tablet, and voilà, you’re all set to clean your home. Plus, the cleaning tablets are super fresh and really get the job done. If you’re just starting out, get their Clean Essentials Kit. It includes four “Forever Bottles” and light, water-soluble cleaning tablets. These tablets are safe for the environment, certified by the Cradle to Cradle agency, and tested by their experts. Its cleaning made easy and eco-friendly!

40. Prosperity Candles

eco friendly products
Source: prosperitycandle / Instagram

If you want ethical candles that blend luxurious scents with a strong sense of social responsibility, Prosperity Candles is the way to go. These non-toxic candles are handcrafted by women refugees and artisans in the U.S., using sustainable vegan ingredients like all-natural soy and coconut waxes, pure cotton, wood wicks, and clean essential oils, without any synthetic dyes. And here’s the cool part: their candle jars and bowls are not just beautiful but also repurposable, adding character to your home. As a B Corporation, Prosperity Candles is among the top eco friendly candles dedicated to making a positive impact on the world. Light up your space with purpose!

41. Misfits Market

eco friendly products
Source: misfitsmarket / Instagram

Misfits Market is a fantastic eco-friendly grocery service that not only helps you eat healthier but also saves you money. Their mission? Rescue organic produce that may not look perfect but is still delicious and packed with nutrition. This prevents tons of fruits, veggies, meat, seafood, and eggs from becoming agricultural food waste. The best part? You get such organic goodness at a fraction of the price you’d pay in stores. It’s a win-win, reducing food waste, cutting costs, and promoting healthy eating. What’s not to love? All thanks to Misfits Markets, healthy eating is no more expensive!

42. Conscious Craft Kid’s Toys

eco friendly products
Source: conscious_craft / Instagram

Conscious Craft strives to nurture creativity and a love for nature in kids. They bring children’s imaginative worlds to life with the best natural toys and craft materials. Their belief is simple: when kids have the right materials, they create and play with things that last a lifetime. The entity houses a range of play items, from gardening tools and outdoor exploration kits to crayons, kitchen playsets, puzzles, and recycled art supplies. Every product is thoughtfully chosen to be toxin-free and environmentally friendly.

43. Wigglywoos Pet Accessories

eco friendly products
Source: wigglywoos / Instagram

Wigglywoos is a pet brand dedicated to making products using vegan materials. They handcraft their pet gear in-house, using materials like hemp webbing, hemp rope, vegan cork leather, and cotton. These materials are responsibly sourced from trusted partners worldwide. Their designs draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and traditional craftsmanship. No matter where you live—be it a bustling city, a serene beachside, a mountain retreat, or a peaceful suburb—nothing beats the joy of being outdoors with your furry companion. Wigglywoos ensures sustainability by creating every item in small batches to prevent overproduction and minimize waste.

44. Harry Barker Pet Toys

eco friendly products
Source: harrybarker_co / Instagram

Harry Barker has been merging our fondness for pets with our sense of fashion and flair. They’re famous for their chic dog toys and accessories that emphasize timeless design, not only delighting your pet but also harmonizing with your home decor. Their range includes green toys crafted from recycled yarn and leashes made from recycled plastic bottles, showcasing a blend of luxury design and eco-friendly materials, all while making a positive impact on reducing plastic waste. Not forgetting our purrr babies, conscious brands offering eco friendly cat toys are your one-stop solution to shop for fun products that keep the cuties busy.

45. Shameless Pets Treats

eco friendly products
Source: shamelesspets / Instagram

Shameless Pets’ range of treats is made from rescued surplus fruits and vegetables, saving thousands of pounds of food from being wasted in landfills. These treats feature overlooked gems like mini sweet potatoes, big blueberries, and unused pumpkins that don’t pass supermarket standards and are deemed unfit for human consumption. The brand is eco-conscious, using post-consumer waste plastic bags for packaging and operating with solar-powered facilities. Plus, every bag of treats contains 30% upcycled fruits and veggies, offering various health benefits from joint support to fresh breath in each tasty flavor.

46. Sense Energy Monitor 

eco friendly products

Sense Energy Monitor makes it simple to save energy at home. The device checks your energy usage from appliances like the refrigerator, TV, flat iron, etc. It shows real-time energy consumption, which devices are active, and what’s using the most power. Plus, it tracks your usage trends over time, helping you spot any wasteful habits (like leaving lights on). Installation by an electrician takes just around 30 minutes and is done at your electrical panel. It’s a handy tool for becoming more energy-conscious and reducing your bills.

47. Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solar Panel

eco friendly products
Source: goalzero / Instagram

The Goal Zero Nomad 50 Solar Panel is a super useful gadget that lets you charge your devices when you’re away from regular power sources, like during camping or while in an emergency. This solar panel is compact and easy to carry around, and it can generate up to 50 watts of power. While it might be a bit too big for backpacking, it’s perfect for trips in your car or RV. So, if you want to stay connected and powered up while enjoying the great outdoors, this solar panel has got you covered.

48. Aisle Period Underwear

eco friendly products
Source: periodaisle / Instagram

Aisle, formerly known as Luna Pads, is a top-notch period underwear brand that makes your period days more comfortable without harming the planet. Its non-toxic period panties are moisture-wicking, lightweight, and leakproof, holding as much as 8 regular tampons’ worth of fluid. Whether you prefer boyshorts, hip huggers, bikinis, or thongs, Aisle has a style for you. These eco-friendly reusables are both practical and budget-friendly, making them an easy pick. Plus, Aisle is the world’s #1 period care B Corporation, donating 2% of sales to nonprofits fighting period poverty and promoting gender equity. Joining Aisle’s lead, many mindful labels have made it a mission to make our periods low-impact yet snug with their range of non toxic period underwear.

49. Tsuno Sanitary Care

eco friendly products
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Tsuno takes a sustainable approach to tampons and sanitary care products by using materials free of bleach, unlike regular options. Their tampons are made from certified organic cotton and are available in three absorbency levels: Mini, Regular, and Super. These tampons have earned certification from the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration. As a social enterprise, 50% of their earnings go to charities that primarily empower women, emphasizing education and menstrual assistance as key areas of focus. In addition, Tsuno has partnered with One Girl, an organization that offers educational scholarships and menstrual pads to underserved girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda.

50. Betterway Bamboo Toilet Paper

eco friendly products

Deforestation due to toilet paper production is a REAL problem. Shockingly, we’re using 16 million trees for this purpose annually, contributing to 15% of global deforestation. However, this problem can be fixed by switching to natural bamboo toilet paper, because bamboo is a renewable source and growing rapidly in various climates without intensive care. For an eco-friendly option, we highly recommend Betterway’s 3-Ply Toilet Paper. It’s not only incredibly soft and hypoallergenic but also packaged without plastic. Plus, the 3-ply design ensures excellent absorbency and strength, making it a top choice.

A Comprehensive Guide on Eco Friendly Products

Why Eco-Friendly Products Matter ?

Choosing eco-friendly products isn’t just a trend; it’s a responsible choice that benefits the environment, our health, fights climate change, and makes us mindful of keeping a check on unnecessary waste.

  • Environmental Impact: Conventional products often lead to pollution and resource depletion. Their production generates pollution and waste, while depleting finite resources like fossil fuels and minerals. This damages ecosystems and contributes to habitat loss, impacting biodiversity.
  • Health Benefits: Eco-friendly products reduce exposure to harmful chemicals commonly found in conventional products. By using natural and non-toxic ingredients, they help protect our health, especially for those with sensitivities or allergies.
  • Climate Change: Conventional products, especially those derived from fossil fuels, contribute to climate change by releasing greenhouse gases. Eco-friendly alternatives, produced sustainably and using renewable energy sources, have a smaller carbon footprint. This helps mitigate climate change by reducing emissions, fostering a more sustainable future.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Products

  • Personal Benefits: Switching to eco-friendly products proves cost-effective in the long run, as they are designed for durability and efficiency. Additionally, they promote better health by minimizing exposure to harmful chemicals, making them safer for everyday use. The improved quality and performance of eco-friendly products, such as energy-efficient appliances, non-toxic everyday products, or reusable items, enhance convenience and satisfaction in daily life.
  • Environmental Benefits: Eco-friendly products majorly contribute to the reduction of waste by emphasizing reuse, recycling, or minimal packaging. These products often incorporate recycled materials and sustainable sourcing, helping to conserve finite natural resources. Eco-friendly products significantly help combat climate change and make way for a sustainable future by reducing carbon emissions and energy use in production and usage.

How to Incorporate Eco-Friendly Products into Daily Life

eco friendly products
  • Kitchen and Dining: Opt for eco-friendly kitchenware made from sustainable materials, like bamboo utensils and glass storage containers. Reduce waste by using reusable bottles and containers for food and water storage and packing lunches. Choose locally sourced and organic foods to support sustainable agriculture.
  • Home and Cleaning: Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and biodegradable, reducing harm to the environment and your health. Invest in energy-efficient appliances to save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Embrace sustainable home decor by choosing furniture and decorations made from recycled or upcycled materials.
  • Personal Care: Prioritize organic and natural personal care products, such as shampoo, soap, and skincare items. These are gentler on your skin and kinder to the environment as they often contain fewer harmful chemicals and come in eco-friendly packaging.
  • Clothing and Fashion: Make sustainable fashion choices by supporting brands that use ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. Be mindful of the environmental impact of fast fashion, which are fabricated to prioritize profit over the planet. Instead, invest in quality, timeless pieces that last longer and reduce the need for constant replacements. By making these conscious choices, you can integrate eco-friendly fashion into your dressing styles.

Tips for Making Sustainable Choices

eco friendly products
  • Do Your Research: Before purchasing, research brands and products to ensure they align with eco-friendly principles.
  • Check for Certifications: Look for recognized certifications like USDA Organic, Energy Star, Fair Trade, B Corporation, or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to guarantee eco-friendliness.
  • Read Labels Carefully: Scrutinize product labels for information on ingredients, materials, and environmental claims.
  • Consider Packaging: Choose products with minimal or recyclable packaging to reduce waste.
  • Shop Locally: Support local businesses and artisans who often prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  • Explore Online Marketplaces: Many online platforms specialize in eco-friendly products, providing a wide selection and reviews from other eco-conscious consumers.
  • Reuse and Repurpose: Consider secondhand or upcycled products, reducing waste and extending the life of items.
  • Ask Questions: Don’t hesitate to ask companies about their sustainability efforts and product sourcing techniques.

Concluding Thoughts…

Every time we decide to shop for something, we are presented with countless possibilities. It’s the decisions we make that impact the larger good of our society. When we choose to go for eco-friendly products, we automatically do our bit in conserving our precious Earth, making it a better place for future generations. The list of eco-friendly products we’ve explored today demonstrates that small changes can yield significant results. From eco-friendly cleaning products, sustainable kitchenware and pet products to planet-friendly personal care and fashion, these choices pave the path for a greener lifestyle. The future is in your hands— Make it a sustainable one.

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