15 Best Vegan Podcasts To Check Out in 2023

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They say words have the power to turn the world upside down and they might be right as evident with the influx of podcasts on all topics imaginable under the sun. As veganism and sustainable living take flare, there’s a wealth of literature now available on all things vegan! Some of the best vegan podcasts provide you with all kinds of updates on the vegan way of living, all you have to do is to tune into your playlist now!

15 Best Vegan Podcasts

1. No-Bullsh!t Vegan

Hosted by vegan fitness coach and author Karina Inkster, this podcast busts all myths about a vegan diet that you might have had. Join the host as she chats with experts in the field who share science-backed and evidence-based knowledge about some of the biggest trends in vegan health and fitness. Katrina and her fellow ‘BS Busters’ (as she calls them) chat up to lay it all bare for us. 

Tune in to explore topics like; What makes a ‘vegan legend’? What happens when veganism is used as a weight loss incentive? What are the problematic components of the diet industry? Can dogs be vegan? 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

2. Plant-Based Fitness Secrets

If you are committed to a vegan lifestyle and are looking to transform your body, then this podcast is a must-listen! Join Fritz in his journey as he helps hundreds of Vegans achieve that lean & muscular look they desire using a vegan diet. 

Each episode contains a wealth of information on different ways of losing fat and gaining muscle with a vegan diet, having a body and mindset change, and achieving your dream body in a fun and lifestyle-oriented way. 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

3. Yoga Is Vegan

Yoga is Vegan is a podcast where you get to know how the basic tenets of yoga and veganism are interlinked, having common non-harm principles and a healthy lifestyle. Join Holly Skodis, a yoga instructor and vegan educator, as she interviews yogis who have chosen the vegan path. 

Tune in to know what exactly is a sattvic diet, the vegan aspects to yamas and niyamas, and a lot more about leading a vegan lifestyle. 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

4. The Bearded Vegans

The Bearded Vegans podcast has a rich archive of 300 episodes that discuss all things vegan. If you haven’t already tuned into the news, reviews, and discussions as the hosts Paul and Andy delve and dissect issues within the vegan community, you need to plug in now! 

Explore topics like: Are taxes canceling your veganism? What’s up with the animal agriculture industry? Can people be forced to go vegan? Should vegans care about insects? and more!

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

5. A Vegan Lounge

At Vegan Lounge, join Krystal, an environmental planner, and trade-qualified chef, taking over for James and exploring a wide range of concerns from sustainability, veganism, and ethical farming practices to literature, animal welfare, and more! At Vegan Lounge, you get to explore the vegan way of living, vegan recipes, the politics of meat, etc. 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

6. The Chickpeeps Vegan Podcast

Created by actress Evanna Lynch, and her co-hosts Momoko Hill, Robbie Jarvis, and Tylor Starr, Chickpeeps is your fun-loving and enthusiastic vegan podcast where philosophies and challenges of a vegan way of life are discussed and explored. 

Plug in to get a wealth of knowledge about all topics vegan, like knowing how producing oat milk is much more profitable than producing dairy milk, how dairy farms can easily become animal sanctuaries, the importance of lobbying for legislative changes to protect animals, and much more!

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

7. The Average Vegans

Hosted by some ordinary people, who live in the south, eating plants, and loving animals, The Average Vegans is one of those vegan podcasts meant for us commoners who often struggle with the idea of adopting a vegan diet. From updates on what is happening in the vegan world to exploring the best vegan products out there for you to buy, this podcast addresses it all! 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

8. Vegan Diaries

Vegan Diaries is a welcoming space for everyone, be it vegan, vegetarian, or just a curious omnivore. Join Liz Douglas as she demystifies veganism and makes it more accessible for her listeners through interviews with a diverse range of people in the vegan community, from influencers and flood bloggers to active advocates of a plant-based lifestyle. 

Explore topics like: how do vegan athletes get enough protein for their strength training? How to have a healthy mindset while losing weight? and much more! Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

9. Compassion & Cucumbers

A weekly vegan podcast, Compassion & Cucumbers focuses on food, lifestyle & animal liberation. Want some vegan food reviews and shopping tips? If yes, this podcast is the place to be. Tune into their vegan cookbook challenge and stay updated on the latest vegan news. 

Find some of the amazing vegan recipes to add to your meal today and explore topics like: Is veganism a fad? Are USDA labels a sham? Are oranges vegan? and much more!

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

10. Vegan Hacks

Vegan Hacks is all about discussing all things vegan, be it reviewing vegan products and veganized restaurant chains, interviewing vegan influencers and advocates, or sharing inspirational vegan stories. If you are in for a combo pack of fun and knowledge, then this podcast is your go-to place!

Join the host Jason Kartalian as he explores topics like; How to be a vegan while also traveling, Is veganism a scam as proclaimed by a famous influencer? Can you trust vegan influencers? What are some of the best vegan products of the year? 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

11. The Simply Vegan Podcast

Brought to you by Vegan Food & Living, UK’s best-selling vegan magazine, The Simply Vegan Podcast is a twice-weekly podcast for all those vegans out there who care enough to stay healthy, save animals, and the planet too!

Join the team as they review vegan food and recipes, chat up with professionals who preach the benefits of eating a plant-based whole foods diet all whilst living the busy modern life, share some of their favorite accidental vegan products, and share experts’ advice on how should we talk to others about veganism and bust their stereotypes about the vegan world. 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

12. Ordinary Vegan Podcast

Vegan life is also a healthier life if your vegan diet is planned properly. This podcast brings you the tips and tricks to live a sustainable, ethical, and vegan lifestyle by addressing all aspects of eating and living healthfully through each of its episodes. Learn how healthy living is also beneficial to the planet and animals.

Join the host Nancy Montuori as she gives you 72 reasons to be vegan, vegan swaps and recipes for animal products, expert advice on raising vegan children the right way, why it is an excellent time to open your vegan business, and insiders with some successful plant-based business entrepreneurs. 

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

13. The Brand New Vegan Podcast

A plant-based podcast hosted by Chuck Underwood, creator of the popular BNV Recipe blog, The Brand New Vegan pinpoints Chuck’s struggles as he switched to a vegan lifestyle and how he adapted to eating a plant-based diet. If you are also in mid-transition, this podcast will help you add more veggies into your meal plan and stay on track!

Tune in to know how to get started with a plant-based diet, how to get enough protein without compromising your vegan life, and much more!

Listen at: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

14. Vegan 101

Get a headstart on your vegan journey with Vegan 101, your ultimate guide to figure out where to start and how to keep going. At Vegan 101, the host Cora shows you that veganism is not a hard nut to crack and is easily accessible to all with little effort and compromise. Join her as she brings you bite-sized episodes to help you stay inspired while also gaining a lot of knowledge about the vegan world. 

Explore topics like: Is soy bad for the environment? If yes, is veganism to blame, or is it the increasing meat production that’s responsible? Is veganism restrictive? Why is dairy consumption not within the ambit of a vegan diet? 

Listen at: Spotify, Google Podcasts 

15. That Vegan Dad

Want some good and engaging reviews on plant-based foods? That Vegan Dad has got it all covered as he examines what’s new in the vegan community and provides you with honest reviews. Join him as he shares how it feels to be a vegan and a dad at the same time!

Explore topics like: What if a vegan business stops being vegan? Should we still support it? Is vegetarianism redundant? Can one ever be a perfect vegan? and much more!

Listen at: Spotify, Google Podcasts


Get an insider look at what it is like to be a vegan and the struggles that come with the journey that even includes finding a veggie soulmate. Check out some of the best vegan podcasts listed above and let us know if we missed out on some of the mind-boggling vegan podcasts that you count as your favorite! Additionally, you can enjoy some funny, famous and positive vegan quotes here and some awesome documentaries on popular platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu too.

Comment down below if you liked these podcasts and other recommendations. Feel free to write to us if you want more such recommendations on vegan lifestyle and diet. 

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