Nabaneeta Saha

Hi, I’m Nabaneeta Saha. Born and raised in the picturesque state of Assam in North-East India. I have done my Masters in Marketing along with N2 level certification in Japanese. Novels and dogs are my stressbusters. And as an ardent animal lover, I often volunteer for various animal and social welfare causes. Growing up, I always had a passion for fashion and nature. While I never really paid attention to where my clothes came from, recent revelations of the horrors behind the fashion industry literally left me petrified. Nature has always kept me grounded, and the interconnection of everything on Mother Earth has fascinated me endlessly. But the devastation of the environment that the fashion industry brought with it remained too prominent to be overlooked. I strongly believe fashion is more than just playing Dress-up. It moulds our identity, conveys our values and the causes we stand for. And witnessing the massive destruction of our planet because of mere uninformed decisions has been truly heartbreaking for me. Over the years, I've been exploring and learning about sustainable and ethical fashion. This has not only changed my shopping habits but has also helped me build a conscious classic closet. Stylish, sophisticated and sustainable fashion is where my heart belongs. And I feel fortunate to get to share amazing earth-friendly brands from across the globe through Your Sustainable Guide, to help you make thoughtful choices in your journey towards an eco-conscious lifestyle. As consumers, our voting power is purchases made with a brand, and I want to positively influence my readers towards embracing eco-friendly clothing, reusing, recycling and creating a circular economy. Trust me! Together we can build a better, more breathable world. Let's leave Mother Earth better than we found it.