20 Most Eco-friendly & Ethical Clothing Brands In Australia

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The fast fashion industry has taken over clothing sectors across the globe like a tornado, and Australia wasn’t spared as well. The ‘throw-away’ culture encouraged by fast fashion labels has led to Aussies dumping an estimated 6 tonnes of garments every 10 minutes. That’s downright appalling! And much like the rest of the world, Australia is facing an extreme climate crisis in the form of harsh weather conditions like floods and droughts.

However, to answer these growing fast fast fashion and environmental concerns, a considerable number of sustainable and ethical clothing brands in Australia are emerging. We highly recommend these labels for using the most responsible fabrics to create seasonless garments inspired by the country’s fascinating landscapes. In addition, a lot of them operate on a made-to-order basis, which ultimately cuts on textile waste. Let’s show some love to these eco-conscious brands!

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Most Preferred Sustainable and Ethical Clothing Brands in Australia – 2023

Here’s a list of some of the most affordable Australian ethical clothing brands including some that are made to order to fall in love with only to never fall out! Zip up your purses, because you’re in for a treat from brands like Her Pony, Kathmandu, Outland Denim, Thread Harvest, Boody, Arnsdorf, Kalaurie, Citizen Wolf, Kowtow, Etiko, Mighty Good Basics, Luna + Sun, A.BCH, Elle Evans, Sorella Organics, Afends, Clothing The Gap, NICO, Bondi Born and Velvety.

1. Her Pony 

Source: herponythelabel / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne’s Camberwell Market
Founder(s): Lauren Stein
Values: Fair skill-based wage to workers, Handmade small batch production, Transparency in the supply chain, made-to-last clothing, Use of Eco Fabrics, Sustainable packaging, Zero plastic policy, circular waste ideology
Fabrics used: Asia Pacific Rayon, Cotton Spandex derived from organic fibers with Standard 100 ink by Oeko-Tex, Linen, Organic Cotton Bamboo
Certifications: PETA Approved Vegan, the brand uses fabrics with certifications like Asia Pacific Certified Rayon and Oeko-Tex Certified Cotton
Price Range: $5-$259 (AUD)

Her Pony is an Australian ethical fashion brand selling hand-embellished rave outfits to meet your taste both in sustainability and in fashion. At Her Pony, you can buy vintage-inspired prints, dresses, bralettes, sets, men’s party shirts, and more. Their production factory is based in Bali where all the clothes are made in  a small creative space called “Bali Hub.” 

2. Thread Harvest 

Source: threadharvest / Instagram

Founder(s): Managing Director Davyn De Bruyn
Values: Empowering Women, Providing Living Wages, Eco-friendly Operations using Certified Organic Cotton, Fair Trade Practices, Employing the Marginalized, Charity Supporting, Second chance clothing 
Awards: Good Design Award Winner 
Certifications: B Corp Certified, Fair Trade Certified, Certified Organic 
Price Range: $22-$150 (AUD)

Thread Harvest is an online ethical fashion marketplace designed to bring together affordable ethical clothing brands under one roof. This online retailer has an Impact Badge system under which badges like ‘Fair Trade Practices,’ ‘Employing the Marginalized,’ etc. are used as standards for the brands to be stocked on sold on their portal. Most of the brands they accommodate have at least 4-5 badges. Do check their brand vetting process!

3. Boody

Source: boody / Instagram

Founder(s): Neil Midalia and David Greenblo
Fabrics used: Organically-grown Bamboo, GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, LYOLYTE™
Values: Cruelty-free production, Responsibly sourced materials, Animal Friendly, Mindful consumption, Waste Reduction, Recycling Program, Comfort Guarantee, 1% of their online sales goes towards planet protection
Certifications: B Corp Certified, Ecocert Organic Certified Bamboo Viscose Yarn, all bamboo involved in the production of Boody comes from FSC®-certified forests, PETA Vegan Approved products, OEKO-TEX certified products
Price Range: $14-$105 (AUD)

Boody is one of those popular Australian ethical fashion brands selling sustainable fashion at affordable rates. Boody is your go-to place if you are seeking relaxed essentials and sustainable basics of good quality. From apparel and activewear to socks and accessories, Boody has it all!

4. Kathmandu

Source: kathmandugear / Instagram

Founder(s): Jan Cameron and John Pawson
Values: Use of Responsible Materials, Zero Waste, Transparency, Reduced Carbon Emissions, Ethical Supply Chain
Awards: Their NXT-Level BioDown jacket won a 2022 ISPO Award. The jacket also won the Outdoor Retail Innovation Award
Certifications: B Corp Certified, Bluesign Approved Fabrics/Trims, 100% Sustainable Cotton (sourced through Organic, Fair Trade, recycled, and Better Cotton Initiative)
Price Range: $5-$1700 (AUD)

Source: Baptist World Aid

Kathmandu took its root in New Zealand and later ventured into the Australian fashion market, particularly known for its strong ethics. The brand sells ethically made sustainable lifestyle products. Each year, the brand participates in the Ethical Fashion Report produced by Baptist World Aid Australia and Tearfund New Zealand and was graded ‘A’ for the current year.

5. Outland Denim

Source: outlanddenim / Instagram

Founder(s): James Bartle
Values: Human Empowerment, Zero Waste, Zero Exploitation, Carbon Footprint Reduction, Social Sustainability, Vegan Friendly, Circularity, Freedom, Humanity
Raw Materials used: Organic Cotton, Better Cotton Initiative Cotton, Certified Organic Dyes, Recycled Cotton, Lyocell, Lenzing Tencel, Linen, Recycled Polyester, Virgin Polyester, etc.
Awards: Stop Slavery Award, 2018 Global SDG Award Winner For SDGs 1 & 8, CO Leadership Award Winner 2019, Mr Awards winner
Certifications: B Corp Certified, Graded A+ by Baptist World Aid Australia
Price Range: $20-$270 (AUD)

Outland Denim originated from a sheer will to provide jobs to young women who desperately needed them. The brand’s birth was on ethical grounds and its rise has also seen the same ethics only more refined as the years go by. The brand specializes in denim and produces them ethically. 

6. Kowtow 

Source: kowtowclothing / Instagram

Founder(s): Gosia Piatek
Values: Fair Trade, Transparency, Circular Design, 100% Organic Cotton
Certifications: Certified Fairtrade by Fairtrade Labelling Organisations International (FLO), their manufacturers are SA8000 certified organizations, and they only work with Fair Trade Certified suppliers. They use 100% Organic Cotton certified by FLO and processed by GOTS-certified inks and dyes. They also use ZQ Certified Merino Wool
Price Range: $50-$400 (AUD)

Kowtow is a sustainable fashion brand selling tees, tanks, coats, shirts, accessories, shoes, etc, for women in Australia. The brand takes its ethics seriously and focuses on workers’ welfare, fair trade, the use of 100% organic fabrics, and circular designs. To ensure circularity, Kowtow also has a free repair program for all minor repairs so that the garments last longer.  

7. Arnsdorf

Source: arnsdorf / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder(s): Designer Jade Sarita Arnott
Values: Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Circularity
Awards: Winners of the National Designer Award for Sustainability
Certifications: Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, B Corp Certified
Price Range: $30-$2400 (AUD)  

Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, Arnsdorf is an Australian womenswear brand known for its transparency, ethical manufacturing, and sustainability. The brand has an in-house Atelier which enables them to produce all garments locally and ethically. 

8. Etiko 

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: etiko_fairtrade / Instagram

Founder(s): Nick Savaidis
Values: Fair Trade, Transparency in the supply chain, certified organic cotton, cruelty-free, living wage provider, sustainable fabrics
Awards: Runner Up in 2008 United Nations Association World Environment Day Award, Human Rights Awards 2016, Winner of Victorian Greenleaf Awards 2009, Winner of Telstra Social Responsibility Award 2008, Winner of FSC Responsible Forest Management Awards 2008, Golden Greenies Awards 2012, Winner of Premier’s Sustainability Award 2008, etc.
Certifications: A+ grade in Tearfund’s 2021 Ethical Fashion Report and in Baptist World Aid Australia’s Ethical Fashion Guide, FSC certified cardboard and paper, Fair Trade certified, B Corp certified, Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) certified organic cotton, Social Traders certified
Price Range: $12-$138 (NZD)

Hub for some of the best-looking streetwear in the market, Etiko was founded with Nick’s wish of buying clothes and shoes that were ethically made, environmentally sustainable, and long-lasting. Thus, evolved a brand that involved no child labor or underpaid workers, used transparent and fair means of production, and strove to save the planet.

9. Mighty Good Basics

mighty good basics ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: mightygoodbasics / Instagaram

Values: Environment protection, Universal Human Rights, Ethical and Transparent supply chain, Fairtrade cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, Guaranteed Living Wage Provider, Modern Slavery Statement
Certifications: A+ grade in Tearfund’s 2021 Ethical Fashion Report and in Baptist World Aid Australia’s Ethical Fashion Guide; support Fairtrade cotton farmers like Chetna Organic, Suminter India Organics, and Noble Ecotech; GOTS certified organic cotton, GOTS Certified Dyes, works with GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, and SA 8000 Certified factories
Price Range: $15-$35

With a commitment to creating the most ethical underwear in the world, Mighty Good Basics is on a mission to produce cotton basics for men and women that are ethically produced and environmentally responsible. Mighty Good Basics is affordable and ethical at the same time, saving you a lot of money and guilt!

10. Luna + Sun

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: luna_and_sun_label / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Brisbane
Founder(s): Teshani McManus
Values: Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Women Empowerment, Vegan, Sustainability, Circular fashion
Certifications: Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Ethical Clothing Australia
Price Range: $127-$389  

Luna + Sun creates beautiful and sustainable feminine fashion that can be worn for life. So whether you’re pregnant, a new mama, or simply plan to have kids in the near future, its pieces are designed to adapt to a women’s ever-changing body. Plus, they’re also breastfeeding-friendly. Its products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified and made in its factory is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia.

11. Elle Evans

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: elleevansswimwear / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder(s): Ellie Evans and Tanya Evans
Values: Made-to-order, Zero waste production, Transparency, Sustainability
Price Range: $49-$229

Elle Evans Swimwear makes beautiful and sustainable swimwear and activewear for people who care about fashion and the future of the planet. It uses ECONYL® (recycled plastic waste) as its core material and operates as a made-to-order label where every product is crafted only after a customer has ordered it. The brand is also size-inclusive, with products ranging up to size 3XL.

12. A.BCH

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: abch.world / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder: Courtney Holm
Values: Transparency, Ethical Production, Sustainability, Circular Design
Certifications: Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia
Price Range: $150-$395

A.BCH is a circular fashion and ethical clothing brand offering an evergreen collection of elevated and sustainable garments. Its clothing line includes basic menswear, womenswear, and gender-neutral clothing made using traceable organic and recycled materials. The label also offers customizations and wardrobe consultations to help you build an eco-conscious closet.

13. Sorella Organics

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: sorellaorganics / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder: Anna McGregor
Values: Small batches, Cruelty-free Materials, Fair Trade Sourcing and Manufacturing, Sustainability
Awards: Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500
Certifications: GOTS, WRAP & Oeko-Tex, Flo Cert (Fairtrade), ISO 9001:2009, UKAS, & Intertek

Sorella Organics offers sleepwear and loungewear for men, women, babies, and maternity, all of which are solely made from certified organic cotton. Its range of sleepshirts, PJs, tees, and nursing nighties are extremely comfortable and beautiful. Committed to small, slow production runs,  everything is ethically made in certified facilities located in Australia, Fiji, and India. 

14. Afends

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: afends / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Byron Bay
Founders: Declan Wise & Jonathan Salfield
Values: Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Circularity
Certifications: Fair wear Foundation, Ecocert Organic Content Standards, Global Organic Textile Standards, Amfori BSCI
Price Range: $35-$115

Afends is an eco-friendly alternative fashion label offering evergreen streetwear collections inspired by Australia’s surf and skate culture. Leading its way with The Hemp Revolution in the fashion industry, everything at Afends is made using organic hemp sourced responsibly. It has also purchased 100 acres of farmland to grow its own batch of hemp harvest. Its partner factories are located in China and certified for fair trade. 

15. Clothing The Gap

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: clothingthegaps / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Victoria
Founder(s): It is majorly an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise. Co-founded by Laura Thompson and Sarah Sheridan
Values: Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Circularity
Awards: Business of the year in 2020 by the Dreamtime Awards
Certifications: B Corporation, Accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, Certified as a Victorian Aboriginal business by Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria and Supply Nation
Price Range: $49-$139

Clothing The Gap is a community owned and managed clothing label that honors the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across the country. Certified as a B Corp, its clothes are not only environment-friendly but also benefits a social cause. It is a profit for purpose that unites through fashion and is registered with the Social Traders

16. Nico

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: nicounderwear / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Brisbane
Founder: Lis Harvey
Values: Transparency, Ethical Manufacturing, Women Empowerment, Sustainability, Circularity
Certifications: Factories certified with BSCI and WRAP international bodies, Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety
Price Range: $84-$254

NICO is an intimate wear label that celebrates minimalism, comfort, and understated luxury in its collections of inners and leisurewear. As a cult favorite among sustainable buffs, its products come in a range of fun sorbet tones and retro styles. Dedicated to advocating a transparent supply chain, it uses traceable eco-friendly fabrics and an ethical production process. It uses certified plant-based dyed organic cotton as part of its raw materials.

17. Kalaurie

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: _kalaurie_ / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder: Karl Crooks
Values: Made-to-order, Zero-waste approach, Transparency, Local Production, Sustainabile fabrics includIng Deadstock materials 
Price Range: $319-$649

Kalaurie creates sustainable and ethical handcrafted heirloom pieces on a made-to-order basis. Its garments are designed in timeless silhouettes using responsible fabrics, and built to last for decades. The womenswear label has been featured in prominent pages of Vogue Australia, Marie Claire Australia, Peppermint Magazine, and so on. You can order for your customized garments on its website or visit the atelier upon appointment.

18. Citizen Wolf

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: citizen_wolf / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Sydney
Founders: Eric Phu, Zoltan Csaki, and Rahul Mooray
Values: Made-to-order, Transparent Supply Chain, Circularity, Local and Ethical Manufacturing, Sustainable fabrics
Awards: Good Design Award Gold Winner
Certifications: B Corporation, Ethical Clothing Australia, Responsible Wool Standard, Global Organic Textile Standard
Price Range: $79-$259

Citizen Wolf is a made-to-order brand that offers the perfect carbon-negative t-shirts for men and women. Its clothes are custom-made with Magic Fit® technology which uses mathematics to create a 94% accurate model of your body, no measuring tapes required! So Cool! And once the measurements are sorted, the label handmades each tee in its local factories using certified fabrics like cotton, hemp, Merino wool, and so on.

19. Bondi Born

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: bondibornaustralia / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder: Dale McCarthy
Values: Sustainable fabrics, Local manufacturing, 1 tree planted for every purchase done
Certifications: B Corporation, Climate Neutral
Price Range: $175-$675

Bondi Born offers luxury swim and resort wear in contemporary designs. Its sophisticated apparel line is ethically made with premium local craftsmanship. Every product is made using the world’s finest quality materials, including a fabric called Sculpteur™, which is a PA/lycra blend with 5 eco certifications. Committed to serving the planet, Bondi Born became a member of 1% For the Planet.

20. Velvety

ethical clothing brands in australia
Source: velvetyethical / Instagram

Place of origin in Australia: Melbourne
Founder: Lorena Estelle
Values: Fair Trade, Sustainability, Vegan
Certifications: The Fair Wear Foundation, GOTS Certified
Price Range: $79-$229

Velvety is an online fashion marketplace that is committed to sustainability and slow fashion. It only houses cruelty-free and Fair Trade labels that undergo strict inspections to operate under the brand. From ethically-made clothing to vegan accessories and cosmetics, every product is made of organic and low-impact materials. Velvety also uses biodegradable packaging that breaks down within 90 days in compostable surroundings. In addition, a percentage of its yearly profits goes to organizations like the Big Sky Sanctuary.


As concern for the planet rises, more and more people choose the sustainability route. Ethical and sustinable fashion is the call of the hour. In other words, we need to pick up slow fashion before it ends up ringing in silence. Affordable Australian ethical clothing brands like Her Pony, Thread Harvest, Boody, Kathmandu, Outland Denim, Kowtow, Arnsdorf, and more have taken up the sustainability flag with full enthusiasm. Now it’s our turn to keep it flapping high in the sky. 

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