7 Best Vegan Dating Apps to Find Your Soulmate in 2024

vegan dating apps
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The adoption of vegan culture is on a surge and is expected to keep growing. All of this is a result of a rise in consumer awareness that circles around the unnecessary animal cruelty and exploitation done by mankind. Do you know? As per estimates by The Guardian, there are 79 Million vegans all over the world, with an estimated 6% vegan populace residing in the US itself. 

While that might sound a lot, trust us, the vegan community is still at its growth curve. So searching for that fellow vegan you want to romance with, is like finding a needle in a haystack. But don’t get disheartened yet, Because Vegan dating apps can be your Fairy Godmother.

Yes, these apps do exist and only entertain members of the Vegan, Vegetarian community. And with every ‘Swipe’ you just get a step closer to finding your ‘Veggie Soulmate.’ After all, ‘Love is for Everyone’ and you definitely deserve someone who aligns with your lifestyle and values. 

Best Vegan Dating Apps

1.  Green Singles
2.  eHarmony
3.  Veggly
4. VeggieDate
5. Vegpal
6. Veggie Connection
7. Veggie Matchmakers

What is a Vegan Dating App?

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They say, “opposites attract.” While that may be true for many, it’s still just a saying and not a fact etched in stone, as it might not work for a lot of individuals out there. On the contrary, to stay out of a complicated life, a sizable number of people prefer to date anyone they like, who matches their tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. The same theory lies with vegans.

As the vegan population is still in its growth curve, it becomes a hassle for vegans trying to acquaint or date other vegans. That’s where a vegan dating app comes in to save the day. Find your right match and enjoy some best documentaries on Hulu, Netflix or amazon prime together, or have a hearty laugh by sharing some funny vegan quotes with each other. The possibilities are endless.

7 Best Vegan Dating Apps for Singles to Find Their Veggie Mate in 2024

Embarking on a vegan dating journey can sometimes feel like navigating through a deep jungle. However, fear not, just as we introduced you to some of the best vegan blogs, we’re here to guide you towards the right apps. In this article, we present seven of the best vegan dating apps that will help you connect with like-minded individuals who share your values and lifestyle. These apps offer a platform to search, be searched, and ignite the spark of romance. So, get ready to dive into these incredible dating apps and let the vegan love story begin.

1.  Green Singles

green singles best vegan dating apps
Thanks: Green Singles

Best Known for: Large active vegan community
Founder and CEO: Jill Crosby
Where to Download: Register for Free on Company Website
Number of Active Users: 70%
Rating: 9.8/10

Claimed to be the oldest online vegan dating site out there, Green Singles has been in business since 1996 and offers a large active community for dating and interaction. An online dating site that caters to people who profoundly care about issues like the conservation of the planet, ethical practices, animal rights, human rights, and veganism amongst others, Green Singles is a part of the Conscious Dating Network which is widely known for being eco-friendly.

The site is a comfortable sphere for people of all ages, religions, races, and sexual orientations. It has over 24 million dating profiles for you to choose from and offers excellent free services to find your potential match. Subscription-based upgrades are also offered to refine your needs and help you with an increased number of potential matches daily. This site is unique in its own way and tops our list of vegan dating sites as it contributes 5% of its profits to non-profit organizations working on various social and environmental causes.

2.  eHarmony

eharmony best vegan dating apps
Thanks: eHarmony

Best Known for: Purposeful Green Relationships
Founder: Neil Clark Warren
Where to Download: Register for Free on the Website, App is available for download for both Android and iOS Users
Number of Downloads: 5M+ Downloads
Number of Active Users: 10 Million
Rating: 9.8/10

The No.1 Dating App, eHarmony comes to the rescue of eco-friendly vegan singles, with 20+ years of matchmaking experience. Initially introduced as a vegan dating site, eHarmony soon launched its vegan dating app in 2020. Based in LA, the site has an extensive 32 dimensions model to help its clientele find serious and compatible matches based on their preferences. 

The app allows people to apply multiple filters designed according to the vegans’ lifestyle choices so they can find people with similar interests and have meaningful relationships. Their website offers a unique service of area-specific dating portals, gender-specific portals, and ethnicity-specific portals. Amongst other news, eHarmony was chosen as The No.1 dating app based on the 2020 survey of Canadians, Australians, and respondents from the U.S. and UK and also holds an A-rating with the Better Business Bureau.

3.  Veggly

veggly best vegan dating apps
Thanks: Veggly

Best Known for: Large community of vegans and vegetarians
Founder: Alex Felipelli
Where To Download: Available for installation from Website, Google Play Store for Android App users, iOS App  Store
Number of Active Users: 500K Members Worldwide
Rating: 8/10

Veggly was launched in October 2018 and has received excellent responses from its users all around the world. With a mission to unite herbivores around the world, Veggly is easily available for download in countries like India which expands its user base and makes its interface comparatively friendly, unlike older social interaction platforms such as eHarmony, another vegan dating app, catering to clients around U.S. and Europe.

Veggly is gender-inclusive and has safety protocols similar to other dating apps in the same league. The app allows you to message another user only when it’s a match. Its standard services are for free but the app also offers paid upgrades for better matches!

4. VeggieDate

veggie date best vegan dating apps
Thanks: VeggieDate

Best Known for: Bringing together vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists, fruitarians, etc. for a purposeful relationship
Founder: Dave Rubin
Where to Download: Register on the Website
Number of Active Users: 400+ sign-ups every month

VeggieDate is considered a pioneer in the vegan and vegetarian dating app category. Specially designed for meeting the relationship needs of vegans and vegetarians. With hundreds of new members signing up every month, the app usage becomes quite interesting in terms of meeting new people regularly, who come from different walks and transition phases of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Veggie Date has been honored as one of the best vegan dating apps in its niche, and we encourage everyone who’ve embraced a compassionate food habit and lifestyle to try the site out if you want to mingle or get in touch with like-minded people.

5. Vegpal

vegpal best vegan dating apps
Thanks: Vegpal

Best Known for: Bringing together vegan and vegetarian singles
Founder: Dahlia Eisenberg
Where to Download: Download from Google Play Store and iOS App
Number of Downloads: 1K+ Downloads
Ratings: 8/10

A relatively new vegan dating app Vegpal was launched recently in August 2021. The vegan dating app founder Dahlia Eisenberg is a former animal-rights activist. Seeing how hard it is to meet fellow vegans and vegetarians and build a life with people who share the same values as you. 

Explaining her purpose behind the app, she said that veganism starts with food and so do the first dates. And nothing can put someone off than the other person’s food preferences. Vegpal even allows its users to build a feed that reflects their real thoughts around the vegan lifestyle so that other people can easily choose who their match is going to be!

6. Veggie Connection

veggie connection best vegan dating apps
Thanks: Veggie Connection

Best Known for: Catering to the love lives of Vegans, Vegetarians, Raw foodists, etc. with shared values and lifestyles
Founder: Ken
Where to Download: Register on the website, Download from the website for Android use and iOS use
Number of Active Users: 50K+ Members

Veggie Connection is a not-for-profit dating platform and is completely free to use.  The platform also has the settings to act very much like a social platform with discussion forums, polls, and a blog section to encourage conversations around veganism and vegetarianism, building an animal rights community. The user interface of the dating site appears similar to that of online chatrooms back in the 1980s. 

The site lets you meet interesting people who are vegans or vegetarians through and through. The online dating site has even been awarded as ‘The best site to find a veggie mate’ award by the VegNews Magazine. All the services of the platform are accessible for free, you can check out detailed profiles for free, upload up to 50 photos and connect with people from all around the world.

7. Veggie Matchmakers

veggie matchmakers best vegan dating apps
Thanks: Veggie Matchmakrs

Best Known for: Community of vegetarians and different kinds of vegans coming together in their search of a love match
Where to Download: Website Sign Up
Rating: 7.3/10

Online and operating since 1980, Veggie Matchmakers has to be the oldest player in the game of vegan, raw vegans, vegetarians, or even those who are just starting out in their compassionate consumption journey. dating sites and is 100% Free. The app has a general registration form that needs to be filled out in order to register and you’re good to explore fellow beings sharing the same values and lifestyle. As simple as that!


With people being open to embracing Veganism and Vegetarianism, we know that the community will just get bigger and better with time. The growing popularity of vegan podcasts indicates just that. Considered a pop culture amongst many, we feel Veganism is not just a fashionable fancy term but a lifestyle, a social movement, that is here to stay.

We vouch for the above-discussed dating apps and sites. They are completely safe and have many successful stories under their belt. Now all you need to do is sign in and start looking for that ‘vegan vegetarian’ someone who fits with you the way you fit in with your lifestyle.

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