Is Demonia Fast Fashion? Ethical & Sustainability Rating (+ Sustainable Alternatives)

is demonia ethical
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Alternative footwear label Demonia has acquired a cult status for its wide range of edgy, gothic, and funky platform boots. With the Devil in its name, Demonia has carved a niche in curating specialty footwear for many subcultures. But if you’re eyeing its bestsellers, Shaker 100, Damned 318, Camel 311, and more, then you better take a pause. Because chances are Demonia is a fast fashion brand negatively affecting the planet.

Demonia has long promoted itself as a compassionate brand selling cruelty-free footwear made from vegan leather. But is this claim reliable? If yes, then what form of vegan leather are they using? Is it sustainable enough? Does Demonia have any plans to reduce its ecological footprint? Is it ethical to its shoemakers? Let’s find out!

is demonia ethical

Is Demonia Fast Fashion?

Yes, Demonia can be tagged as a fast fashion brand. And for good reasons! Its website is home to hundreds of footwear, with the latest styles dropping every week. The label uses strings of unsustainable materials to manufacture its merchandise. And it doesn’t have a transparent supply chain. Such forms of operation are the core features of the fast fashion business model.

However, the factors where Demonia varies from typical fast fashion brands are — its target audience and product offerings. Unlike fast fashion labels jumping on every hot and trending style, Demonia offers alternative footwear. The styles it sells are particularly preferred by people who are into super-edgy and gothic looks. Its unique designs cater to various sub-cultures under a similar aesthetic, making it appealing to a broader audience.

is demonia ethical

Is Demonia Ethical?

No, Demonia is not ethical. It refrains from disclosing any information about its manufacturing units or production methods. And, in the past, it has collaborated with brands like Dolls Kill and Killstar, which are famous for breaking all kinds of ethics.

Labor Practices

Demonia keeps crucial information under wraps – no suppliers’ list, or labor protection policies, or factory conditions details. Absolutely nada! So, there is no way of knowing if its workers are provided with fair pay, reasonable duty hours, and safe working conditions. It doesn’t even have a Vendor’s Code of Conduct addressing crucial labor rights issues like forced labor, gender discrimination, corruption and harassment, etc. Also, there is no evidence that any of its partner factories are Fair Trade certified.

‘Respecting all involved’ is an essential motto of ethical fashion. That’s why acknowledging and firmly addressing labor problems is vital for all companies, considering the practice of labor exploitation in the fashion industry. Regrettably, like most fast fashion brands that use sweatshops, Demonia neglects this responsibility.

Sourcing Practices

In its earlier years, Demonia used to work with some European factories to manufacture its product lineup. However, as per recent rumors, Demonia now outsources its production to factories located in China. This step is probably taken by the company to reduce manufacturing costs — a common practice in the fast fashion industry.

The concerning aspects are, it neither mentions verifying its suppliers nor conducts regular audits to ensure fair trade standards are met. Many production sites in China are associated with sweatshops and forced labor. Demonia’s lack of supply chain transparency raises doubts about the ethical nature of its sourcing practices.

is demonia ethical

Child Labor

Demonia has not been implicated in any instances of child labor this far. However, there’s literally nothing on its website that can hint at its labor conditions — how Demonia shoes are made, or most importantly, who makes them! When brands operate so secretly, the possibility of all sorts of wrongdoings, including child labor cannot be eliminated.

Overall Rating: 1

Is Demonia Cruelty Free?

No, Demonia is not cruelty-free. There is no mention of animal welfare policies on its website. Upon scrolling through its footwear range, we found that animal-based materials like fur, angora, wool, silk, exotic animal skin or hair are not used in its products. Now, Demonia claims to be using vegan leather in the making of its shoes, but there is no consolidated proof for the same.

A brand practising ethical manufacturing never hides its initiatives, as transparency helps gain consumers’ trust. Since Demonia can’t verify the authenticity of its “vegan leather”, there is every chance that it is greenwashing.

Overall Rating: 2

is demonia ethical

Is Demonia Sustainable?

No, Demonia is not sustainable. It doesn’t share details about its manufacturing process and environmental footprint. Also, the materials used by the company are not sustainable. Plus, there is a lack of transparency regarding their origin as well.

Demonia’s product descriptions use the vegan logo to establish that they use vegan leather for making boots. But there are no proofs to back up that claim. If Demonia is truly using vegan leather, then there is a possibility that it uses PU leather. While PU leather is a cruelty-free option, its production involves a significant amount of fossil fuels. Plus, the manufacturing process emits harmful chemicals in the atmosphere. And PU leather is not biodegradable, contributing to long-term environmental concerns.

Demonia faces criticism for the subpar quality of its products. Customers complain that the shoes easily fall off just after a few months of purchasing. To tackle these problems, the company has not even launched a ‘Repair or Take Back’ program. This approach is a clear ignorance to take responsibility for its worn-out items. So, ultimately, all Demonia shoes will end up in landfills after months of being in use.

Moreover, the brand lacks sustainability goals, like minimizing greenhouse gases or adopting eco-friendly materials. In short, Demonia falls short in making significant efforts to lower the environmental impact of fast fashion.

Overall Rating: 1

Some of the Best Sustainable Alternatives to Demonia

Brands like Boohoo, Temu, and Express are dominating the fast fashion industry, depleting our planet’s resources and impacting consumers’ buying choices negatively. And Demonia is catching up the pace as well! Its poor manufacturing practices and the use of unsustainable materials are too hard to ignore. With its cheaply-made shoes that wear out easily and no repair policy, Demonia contributes to a throwaway culture. So if you are still shopping from them, maybe it’s time to stop.

If dressing up goth is your style, then blend it with sustainability by choosing from amazing affordable sustainable brands like KOI Footwear and Nisolo.

1. Nisolo

is demonia ethical

If you want versatile footwear that matches both your bold outfits and everyday looks, then Nisolo can be a great choice. The ethical label partners with local artisans in Peru to craft its beautiful collection of shoes that includes heeled boots, mules, and sandals. These well-designed, high-quality shoes not only look great but also ensure 100% living wages. Plus, as a certified B Corporation, the company has a zero net carbon impact. Now, most Nisolo shoes are made of leather, so they may need some breaking in. But you can count on their long-lasting quality.

2. KOI Footwear

is demonia ethical

If you’re into cruelty-free, edgy footwear, then KOI Footwear can be your new vegan bestie. At KOI, you can get those rockers that you so wanted and maybe even more without having a guilty conscience. The label is a 100% vegan brand that is “too cool to be cruel” and is constantly working towards being more and more sustainable. It uses PU leather as the base of its leather shoes, but they are made in an eco-friendly way. Unlike traditional PU’s dependence on fossil fuels, KOI uses a waterborne coating technique, which is a greener production method. It also cuts heavy metals and requires 55% less energy consumption. So, if you love to step up in style, then KOI has got you!

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