18 Best Sustainability Podcasts You Must Not Miss in 2023

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One of the biggest challenges facing us right now is climate change. All because we have been ignoring the glaringly obvious environmental issues and refusing to adopt sustainable living. The climate crisis is a global issue and refusing to look it in the face won’t work anymore.

That’s why we have compiled for you some of the best sustainability podcasts and environmental podcasts that address climate change, and environmental issues, and promote sustainability. Plug them in the next time you go for a walk or sit down to relax!

18 Best Sustainability Podcasts to Tune in Right Away

1. Practical(ly) Zero Waste

Want to make zero waste living a reality? If yes, then this podcast series will amaze you with its straightforward practical ways of implementing a zero waste lifestyle that will push forward the sustainability agenda in the long run. The podcast features people, companies, and practices that are making sustainable futures by working in the present.

2. Sustainably Geeky

True to its name, this podcast will turn you into an environmental geek. It talks about all things sustainable under the sky, from tips on raising children the eco-conscious way, slow and ethical fashion, to eco-friendly novelty music sensation Oli Frost’s inspiration behind the dozens of his plant-based recipes. Doesn’t matter if you are a hardcore environmentalist or just a curious soul, this podcast is sure to interest all!

3. RENEWables: A Sustainability Podcast With David Smart

This podcast takes you on the dynamic ship of the current sustainability scenario, discussing brands that are making a change in their energy consumption and discussing how they are able to do so. The podcast explores the sustainability practices and renewable technologies being used by eco-friendly businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Topics like organic farming, green, moss-covered interiors, breaking up with plastic waste, etc. are explored in various episodes.

4. Style & Sustain

Keen on breaking your fast fashion addiction? If yes, then style & sustain is the place to be! This podcast features Amma, the founder of Style & Sustain, a UK-based ethical slow fashion brand, as she shares her journey from a fast fashion addict to a slow fashion advocate and talks to various other spearheads of the sustainability movement in the fashion industry. 

5. The Zero Waste Countdown Podcast

This podcast features some of the best brands and initiatives in the zero waste sector that are really changing the world for the best and making a huge difference with their environmentally conscious products. Laura Nash in each episode invites many guests that talk about diverse topics; from mushrooms as vegan alternatives for meat and activewear made from recycled ocean waste to organizations that deal with food waste and environmentalism under a communist Cuban government. 

6. The Simply Vegan Podcast

This twice-weekly podcast is brought to you by Vegan Food & Living, UK’s best-selling vegan magazine. The podcast covers all topics vegan under the sun and more; why does the media claim that a vegan diet can cause cancer? Is animal agriculture the reason we are fighting pandemics? Which treats are vegan? Is vegan chicken worth the hype? Cue in to know the answers!

7. Sustainably Influenced

Hosts Bianca Foley and Charlotte Williams interview a series of sustainability advocates who shed light on ways to live sustainably. Through conversations with specialists, the podcast tackles the question: How is sustainability defined in various industries? This weekly podcast also explores the meaning of various importance to understand sustainability as a concept, like the difference between carbon removal and carbon offsetting. 

8. Eco-Curious Conversations

Kat and Sarah, two sustainably curious outdoor enthusiasts get in conversation with those who work towards making sustainable living a reality for all through their innovations. You’ll get to know about amazing things like single-use edible cups made out of vegan materials, modular bags made from trash, and zero-waste coffee shops! Get in on their chat to know more. 

9. Low Tox Life

The host Alexx Stuart knows a LOTTT about sustainability having researched it for so many years, and he’s here to share it all with you! Follow Alexx as he talks about sustainable ways to live a low tox life by covering topics like fashion, farming, health, etc. What damage does a simple hair tie do? Can they be sustainably made? Can fashion be exciting and sustainable at the same time? Tune in to get all your queries answered!

10. Ordinary Vegan Podcast

This podcast discusses all important aspects of living a healthy life without harming the planet, people, or animals. Each episode addresses frequently asked questions about leading a vegan lifestyle and hopes to provide answers to your queries.

The host Nancy Montuori gets into the thick of conversation with her guests to explore topics like; how to eat more sustainably? Vegan swaps and recipes, reasons to be vegan, and mushrooms as vegan swaps for meat. Plug in to have a sustainable day. 

11. The Greenstyle Podcast

The trio hosts Nicola Tsiolis, Maha Fier, and Lucy Roff challenge rigid consumer mindsets while conversing with the trailblazers in the sustainable world. The podcast explores sustainable businesses and the huge difference they are creating with their conscious efforts. The trio explores topics like; the impact of plastic on our oceans, the future of sustainable fashion, going vegan with your footwear, and more! 

12. The Slow Home Podcast

This podcast makes you question the speed at which you are running through life. Are you going too fast? Is it time to slow down and think over how many bridges have we burnt? The two hosts Brooke and Ben McAlary at The Slow Home Podcast chat up with people who have opted to live out life slowly, savoring every bit of it.

The duo explores topics like: How can slow yoga help one attain an embodied life? Is there such a thing as slow productivity? If yes, how can one be sustainably productive? The podcast answers it all and more!

13. GreenBiz 350

Want to stay up-to-date with the happenings of the sustainable world? This podcast helps you stay updated with what’s happening with the green businesses through original stories and interviews about clean technologies, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable food, fashion, etc. 

Join the hosts Joel Makower and Heather Clancy as they explore topics like; Circularity, EV charging, dairy-free milk, taking up green jobs, rural energy efficiency, rethinking trash systems, etc. 

14. Wardrobe Crisis With Clare Press

Dabble in the world of sustainable and ethical fashion with Wardrobe Crisis. The podcast aims at making a difference in the fashion industry as the host Clare Press uses her experience as the first VOGUE sustainability editor to interview international guests about the fashion crisis.

Join Clare as she sheds light on topics like; how money and power rule the fashion industry ignoring the discriminated condition of workers, and what is power dressing? What is Air Carbon? Can it be a blessing? and more!

15. Conscious Chatter

Want to bring about a positive change in the garment industry? Then Conscious Chatter is the podcast to be! This is an inclusive audio space where Kestrel Jenkins gets into the deep end of the fashion industry and how we can revolutionize it. What you choose to wear can have a huge impact on the environment, both positive and negative depending on your conscious choice of garments. 

Plug into the podcast to explore topics like: How sustainability isn’t passive but something to LIVE, what goes in your lipstick (it certainly isn’t organic), and the secrets the beauty industry wants to hide behind all its glamor, and much more! 

16. TED Climate

Let’s have a TED Talk about issues that matter, issues about our ecosystem, and climate change. This podcast unpacks big institutional problems in bite-sized episodes where you get to know the smallest things that could lead to the biggest change. 

Join host Dan Kwartler as he dives deep into the grime and provides you with small solutions that could make a difference. From sustainable ways to cool down the planet, wind energy, and its mass potential, to topics like which bag is best for the planet and decarbonizing the oil and gas industry, the podcast explores it all and even more! 

17. Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living

Good Together features episodes brought to you by brightly. eco that aims towards providing sustainable solutions for living a green life. Are you curious about slow fashion? circular economy? or a zero waste lifestyle? If yes, then this podcast is for you! 

Tune in to explore topics like: How can glass waste be turned into a resource if recycled properly, can bold and edgy fashion be sustainable? Apparently, yes! 

18. Sustainability Solved – The Sustainable Business Podcast

This monthly podcast features interviews with businesses following sustainable and ethical practices in their daily operations. How are the big giants in the business world making a difference? What is a circular economy and how can it be incorporated? Why does the B Corps matter? Can one go net-zero? If yes, how? The podcast packs it all and even more!


Watch some best documentaries on sustainability or follow these podcast series and gain a wealth of knowledge on the sustainability agenda for the coming years. Plug them in while you are strolling down the street, sipping at wine after a stressful day, or while lying in bed just relaxing. Get a gist of climate change, its impact a few years down the lane, and what we can do now to stop that from happening. After all, sustainable futures are made with efforts in the present! Let us know if we missed out on some of your favorite sustainability podcasts that would fit right into this list.

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