Is YesStyle Fast Fashion? Ethical & Sustainability Rating (+ Sustainable Alternatives)

is ysstyle fast fashion
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If you love Asia-inspired fashion or Japanese and K-beauty products, then you might have come across YesStyle. The Hong Kong-based company ranks as one of the most sought-after beauty and fashion websites globally. But while YesStyle “want to empower and inspire customers to find their own style and be their own unique and beautiful selves”, is it empowering its supply chain workers? Churning out pop culture designs at affordable prices, is it paying fair wages to its garment makers? Or is YesStyle just another fast fashion brand?

YesStyle makes money by feeding into the consumers’ needs to always look ‘chic’ and ‘fashion-forward’ but on a budget. Its factories are majorly located in third-world countries where labor is cheap and human rights are neglected. And it does absolutely nothing to lower its carbon footprint. Let’s explore what sustainability projects YesStyle has taken to battle the climate crisis and how ethical it is towards its workers. 

is yesstyle fast fashion

Is YesStyle Fast Fashion?

Yes, online retailer YesStyle is a fast-fashion corporation. It operates as a marketplace by accommodating a large number of Asian fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. The company’s business model allows it to introduce hundreds of products under numerous categories like Barbiecore, K-pop style, Fest outfits, Kawaii clothes, etc., every single day. And it stocks up huge volumes of the latest trends as soon as they’re seen in the fashion arena.

Moreover, YesStyle’s products are priced at reasonable rates making it a go-to choice for budget-conscious shoppers. By partnering with over 300 labels, the platform is able to cater to an extensive market, no matter their style preference.

Fast fashion pushes consumers to buy more, and YesStyle makes the most of this strategy. Adding to the affordability of its products, it regularly holds flash sales with heavy discounts to encourage impulse buying. A crafty yet widely used tactic to clear unsold stock. This whole cycle of ‘overproduction’ and ‘overconsumption’ makes any brand fast fashion. While YesStyle does have a handful of prominent skincare brands under its belt, they are in small numbers among its many independent sellers. 

is yesstyle fast fashion

Is YesStyle Ethical?

No, YesStyle cannot be considered ethical. To start with, it doesn’t have a Code Of Conduct that all of its partner brands need to comply with. So, there is no assurance that its end-to-end supply chain is ethical.

Labor Practices

YesStyle is a registered retailer for a string of Asian beauty and fashion brands. However, it has not mandated adherence to any ethics policy for its dealers. YesStyle neither publishes how it selects its partner brands nor addresses critical issues like timely payment of fair wages, no discrimination, reasonable working hours, etc.

Furthermore, there is no evidence that all of its partner brands conduct manufacturing at certified ethical factories. Such negligence of fair trade practices raises the possibility that it might be one of the brands that use sweatshops. Because there’s no guarantee that every worker in its supply chain is paid fair wages, treated with decency and provided a safe working environment. 

Sourcing Practices

YesStyle specializes in an expanded line of lifestyle products from numerous Asian brands hailing from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. However, a considerable amount of its merchandise also comes from Chinese brands, which are, of course, Made in China. Not just that, as the hub of low-cost manufacturing, China is the production spot for many of the Japanese and Korean labels operating under YesStyle.

Multiple investigations have found the prevalence of unsafe working conditions, unfair wages, and extended labor hours at Chinese factories. Therefore, YesStyle should come out clear with its sourcing practices to verify its ethical standpoint. But, the e-commerce retailer doesn’t bother to trace its supply chain.

The good news is, a lot of popular brands functioning under YesStyle have partnered with Fair Trade-certified factories. They regularly conduct audits to ensure labor laws are taken care of. But then again, the lack of information makes sorting out those labels extremely overwhelming.

is yesstyle fast fashion

Child Labor

YeStyle has not been a part of any child labor controversy yet. However, a major chunk of its partner brands are either based in China or have factories located in that country. And with YesStyle’s lack of transparency, there’s no telling who are actually working in these facilities and in what condition.

As already mentioned, some of YesStyle’s labels work with certified Fair Trade facilities, but the origin of the remaining brands’ production units remains unknown. Child labor in the fast fashion industry is a rising problem, which is why it becomes extremely vital for companies to maintain a transparent supply chain.

Overall Rating: 1

Is YesStyle Cruelty Free?

YesStyle doesn’t have an animal welfare policy that addresses the retailer’s efforts to minimize animal suffering. However, it houses a good number of cruelty-free vegan brands.

Now, while most of its apparel is made without animal-based materials like leather, angora, down, exotic fur and skin, some garments have utilized sheep wool and silk. Both the wool and silk industry is cruel. Silkworms are always killed when retrieving silk, and cases of mishandling sheep resulting in injuries or death are common. So, it can definitely do better to ensure the wool and silk it sells are ethically sourced as well.

Additionally, YesStyle is adored for its skincare and cosmetic range. But again, it doesn’t clarify that all these beauty brands avoid animal testing.

Overall Rating: 2

is yesstyle fast fashion

Is YesStyle Sustainable?

No, YesStyle is not sustainable. Its clothing line is mainly made from conventional cotton, polyester, acrylic, rayon, and elastane fabrics. Producing these materials has a significant environmental impact. They suck up massive energy, finite resources, and freshwater. But fast fashion brands favor them due to their low production cost.

YesStyle does have a collection called “YS by Yesstyle”, claiming to offer garments made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, lyocell, or recycled polyester. However, on a closer look, we found that none of these materials are certified organic. Plus, some of these YS products include percentages of virgin polyester as well. Sounds like a lot of ‘greenwashing’ is at work.

What’s worse is, YesStyle doesn’t have any future sustainability goals. It neither has plans around reducing its supply chain greenhouse gas emissions nor incorporating eco-friendly measures. Additionally, there are no signs of implementing any ‘Repair or Recycle’ initiatives or practices to minimize textile waste around its supply chain.

Overall Rating: 1

Some of the Best Sustainable Alternatives to YesStyle

Shoppers who prefer cute Asian-style clothing and beauty products love to shop from YesStyle. But it is a fast fashion platform with a quick turnover of trendy items and an unclear supply chain. Its business model results in a disposal culture, environmental degradation, and ethical concerns, giving you enough reasons to avoid it. Some other brands similar to YesStyle that you should boycott include Shein, Temu, and Emmiol.
If you love K-beauty and Asian fashion but aim for greener choices, explore People Tree, Etsy, Wearwell, and Boden. These affordable sustainable clothing brands offer similar styles with eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production.

1. Wearwell

is yesstyle fast fashion

Wearwell is an ethical e-commerce marketplace that offers a diverse range of women’s and gender-neutral products. From tees, bottoms, and dresses to jewelry, bags, and scarves, they have everything and some more. You can also find good-quality secondhand items under ‘WearwellAgain’ or shop by ‘Values’ from Black-owned, Certified B Corps, or Made In USA labels. Wearwell’s strong commitment to doing things right for the planet and people is remarkable. It promotes responsible fashion by supporting fair wages, safe working conditions, and eco-friendly materials. Sustainability is a core value in its conscious textile sourcing and waste reduction. Plus, Wearwell advocates for size inclusivity, offering garments up to 5XL.

2. Boden

is yesstyle fast fashion

Boden is a family-owned company established in 1991 by Johnnie Boden. Located in the UK, the brand offers clothing for women, girls, boys, toddlers, and babies. It is committed to ethical practices, ensuring fair working conditions for garment makers, and solely using the best eco-friendly materials. Boden’s mission is to make you look and feel good in timeless styles that will stay in your wardrobe for years, emphasizing sustainability. Additionally, the label measures its carbon footprint, supports responsible practices, and funds environmental charities. Choosing Boden means embracing chic, kind, and sustainable fashion that stands the test of time.

3. People Tree

is yesstyle fast fashion

People Tree is a gem in the sustainable fashion brand market. Its clothing and accessories line is stylish, functional, planet-friendly, and affordable. Everything is made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, linen, and other recycled fabrics. Also, its knitted garments are made from responsible wool sourced ethically from New Zealand. This brand has been dedicated to complying with ethical principles by engaging only with Fair Trade Certified facilities that help employ underprivileged communities. For its efforts to combat poverty and use environmentally friendly materials, People Tree became the first fashion brand to be awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) product label in 2013. 

4. Etsy

is yesstyle fast fashion

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Etsy? This online marketplace has been a boon to so many talented artisans all around the world. There are thousands of handcrafted products available on Etsy, including contemporary or vintage fashion items, homeware, beauty products and whatnot. Among an array of products to choose from, you can find cute and eco-friendly, affordable clothing made by independent artists and small businesses. When you shop from Etsy, you invest in uplifting makers, and in return, you’re guaranteed to receive products made with love. Being a B Corporation, the company neutralizes its CO2 emissions from packaging to delivery, providing an environmentally friendly shopping experience!

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