9 Fast Fashion Brands in UK to Avoid in 2022

Banana Republic

Despite its sustainability claims, Banana Republic falls short of making the dreams of ethical fashion true as of yet.


Though the brand has increased its transparency, the cheap prices of the products make it unbelievable to have faith in their promised ethics.

Motel Rocks

Sure you might be a fan of edgy and eclectic fashion, but trust us when we say, Motel is not a brand you should shop from as an ethical consumer.

Victoria's Secret

It is no secret in the sustainability circle that Victoria’s Secret is far from being a sustainable fashion brand.


Koovs scores zero on the sustainability meter. The brand has no relevant information on its website, thus enabling zero transparency.

Max Mara

Rated one of the lowest scoring brands in 2022 by the Fashion Transparency Index, Max Mara scores zero on the sustainability meter.


Mexx website doesn’t have any relevant information regarding its supply chain, use of sustainable materials, animal rights policy, or fabric quality.

Jil Sander

Jil Sander’s website doesn’t even sport an ‘About Us’ page. So, the transparency score of the brand is zero.


Boohoo has made some efforts when it comes to selling recycled tops, swimwear, skirts, dresses, and co-ords, and has banished modern slavery.