Glyphosate Free Oat Milk for a Healthy Start of the Day

glyphosate free oat milk
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Many individuals have chosen to adopt a healthier lifestyle due to various issues associated with dairy consumption, such as lactose intolerance or the desire to adhere to a vegan diet. In light of these concerns, oat milk has emerged as a highly regarded alternative. Besides being nutritious and rich in dietary fiber, oat milk possesses an exceptional taste, particularly when used in lattes.

While oat milk presents a wholesome and delightful way to commence your day, the presence of Glyphosate poses a potential threat to our health. Glyphosate is an herbicide most widely utilized in agricultural practices as a weed-killer. Due to the widespread use, traces of this toxic chemical have been found in our day-to-day food items including oat milk. Labeled as a probable carcinogen by World Health Organization’ The International Agency for Research on Cancer ,

Consumption of even small quantities of Oat milk with Glyphosate can be harmful, hence we are here to provide an ideal solution: Glyphosate-Free Oat Milk! We have compiled a selection of brands that meticulously test and certify their oat milk products as being free from glyphosate. By opting for these brands, you can relish your breakfast with tranquility and assurance.

Best Glyphosate Free Oat Milk Brands

1. Malk
2. Oatly
3. Kirkland
4. Oatsome
5. Rise Brewing
6. Three Trees
7. Califia

glyphosate free oat milk
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What is Oat Milk?

Oat milk is a plant-based alternative to dairy milk that is derived from oats. It is created by blending soaked and processed oats with water, then straining the mixture to extract a creamy liquid. Oat milk has gained popularity among those seeking non-dairy options due to its mild flavor, creamy texture, and versatility in various culinary applications.

When it comes to conventional or traditional oat milk, the oats used may be conventionally grown, meaning they are cultivated using conventional farming practices. On the other hand, organic oat milk is made from oats that are grown following organic farming principles. Organic farming avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), focusing on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Our focus is on organic oat milk, highlighting its benefits and the reasons why it is gaining attention among consumers. We will delve into the advantages of choosing organic oat milk, such as supporting sustainable farming practices, reducing exposure to potentially harmful chemicals, and promoting environmental conservation. By understanding the difference between conventional and organic oat milk, readers can make informed choices that align with their health and sustainability values.

Brief History and Origins of Oat Milk

Oat milk has actually been around for quite some time, but its popularity soared in the 1990s and 2000s when more people started looking for dairy-free options. The Swedish food scientist Rickard Öste developed the commercial milk from oats we know today in the 1990s. Thanks to him, this milk quickly spread to other parts of Europe and then across the globe, becoming a staple in many households.

Nutritional and Health Benefits of Oat Milk

A glass of this healthy milk packs some pretty cool nutritional benefits! First off, it’s naturally low in fat and cholesterol-free, making it a heart-friendly choice. It’s also a great source of vitamins like vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin B12, which are essential for maintaining strong bones and a healthy nervous system. Plus, oat milk is rich in fiber, which is excellent for digestion and can help keep you feeling full and satisfied.

Environmental Sustainability of Oat Milk Production

One of the coolest things about oat milk is its eco-friendliness! Compared to cow’s milk, producing milk of oats has a significantly lower carbon footprint. Oats require less water and land to grow, and they emit fewer greenhouse gasses during cultivation. So, if you’re looking for a planet-friendly milk option, oat milk is a fantastic choice!

Glyphosate Contamination in Oat Milk: What You Need to Know

Glyphosate and its Impact on Human Health

Glyphosate is a herbicide commonly used in agriculture to control weeds. This herbicide can make it’s way into the crops which in turn makes its way in our food products, including oat milk. Some studies suggest a possible link between glyphosate exposure and certain health issues, for instance, swallowing of products with glyphosate can possibly cause problems ranging from increased saliva, burns in the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Even though, Glyphosate has been the subject of debates about its potential health effects, more research is needed to fully understand its impact on human health.

The Presence of Glyphosate in Conventional Oat Milk

Unfortunately, such harmful levels of glyphosate residues can sometimes be found in conventional option due to its use in non-organic farming practices. This is why it’s essential to be aware of the sources and production methods of the oat milk you choose.

Health Risks Associated with Glyphosate Consumption

The health risks associated with glyphosate are still being studied. Some studies indicated risk of developing gastrointestinal issues and increased risk in celiac disease, but it’s essential to note that the evidence is not fully conclusive.

Regulations and Testing Methods for Glyphosate in Food Products

To ensure food safety, many countries have set maximum residue limits for glyphosate in food products, including oats. These limits are established based on extensive scientific research and aim to protect consumers.

To reduce glyphosate exposure, you can opt for organically produced variety. Organic farming practices usually avoid the use of synthetic pesticides, including glyphosate.

Remember, moderation is key. Consuming a varied diet and being mindful of the food products you choose can contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If you have specific concerns about glyphosate or any other dietary aspect, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or a registered dietitian.

Our Favorite Pics of 7 Best Glyphosate Free Oat Milk Brands

What’s one to do if even your healthy options contain something potentially harmful?

Fortunately there are a plenty of great brands that make a variety of glyphosate-free products like glyphosate free honey, glyphosate free oats and delicious glyphosate free oat milk! And since it’s all about adopting healthy food habits, consider going for cerealstea brandspesticide free coffee or even ethical chocolate! Wait, there are organic beer and organic wine to enjoy too!!

How We Chose the Best Oat Milk Brands for You

We have carefully curated a diverse range of best oat milk brands that have obtained certification for being glyphosate-free. Various aspects were considered during the selection process. The scrutiny entails verification of the brands’ claims and certifications, placing a strong emphasis on transparency in glyphosate residue testing. Additionally, valuable customer reviews and feedback to gauge overall satisfaction and performance were taken into account.

The scrutiny also encompasses multiple factors, including the brands’ farming practices, research methodologies, safety and commitment to sustainable farming. This ensures that the chosen brands not only meet the glyphosate-free criteria but also demonstrate a dedication to maintaining high-quality standards. Thus, here is a thoughtfully curated collection of glyphosate-free oat milk options that are both safe and environmentally conscious.

1. Malk

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: malkorganics/ Instagram

Price: $7.49 for 28 fl. Oz (prices may vary)
Certifications: USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified

First in our list is Malk Organics. They are a renowned brand in the realm of healthy alternatives for milk as it offers safe options including glyphosate-free oat milk that aligns with the demands of health-conscious consumers like you. Malk Organics have emphasized on their organic farming practices and rigorous testing which makes their product highly trustable. From Chocolate to Vanilla, Malk Organic Oat Milk provides really tasty options to indulge in!

What we Like: We appreciate Malk Organics’ commitment to sourcing organic ingredients and their dedication to providing a glyphosate-free oat milk. The brand’s transparency in their manufacturing process adds an extra layer of confidence.

What we don’t like: While Malk Organics ticks many boxes, it’s worth noting that their products may be on the higher end of the price range compared to other oat milk brands. However, the quality and assurance of glyphosate free oat milk may make it worth the investment for those seeking a cleaner alternative.

2. Oatly

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: oatly/ Instagram

Price: Prices varies from around $3 to $5 for a 32-ounce carton.
Certifications: Non-GMO Project Verified, certified vegan, and certified gluten-free

Oatly is very well-known brand founded in Sweden in the 1990s. They are committed to providing sustainable and plant-based oat milk alternatives. Oatly Oatmilk goes through a unique manufacturing process that starts with high-quality oats and water, which are then enzymatically treated to break down the oats into a creamy liquid. They were called out for problematic ingredients, since then they have made clear efforts to reduce the glyphosate levels in their oat supply chain. Oatly’s USP lies in its creamy texture and ability to froth up well for barista-quality lattes and cappuccinos.

What we Like: We appreciate Oatly’s commitment to transparency in their manufacturing process and their efforts to minimize glyphosate levels in their oats. The creamy texture and versatility of Oatly oat milk make it a favorite among coffee lovers and home bakers alike.

What we don’t like: It’s important to note that Oatly has faced controversy regarding glyphosate residues in the past. While they have taken measures to address the issue, some consumers may still have concerns about potential traces of glyphosate in their products.

3. Kirkland

glyphosate free oat milk

Price: $69.90 for a 2- Pack (192 fl. oz)
Certifications: Kosher, Non GMO, USDA Organic, 100% Vegan

Kirkland has been around for several years, gaining a strong presence in the market. Known for its high-quality products and affordable prices, Kirkland caters to a wide range of consumers. Their offerings span across various categories, including food, household items, and more. Kirkland’s glyphosate-free oat milk is produced with transparency and commitment to quality. The manufacturing process involves carefully selecting organic oats, which means that their oat milk is tested to ensure it meets strict standards for glyphosate residue levels. Next time you go to a super market, be sure to pick up their milk without any worry! And yes, it is available with online reatilers like Amazon too.

What we Like: Kirkland’s commitment to organic practices and the effort they put into ensuring a glyphosate-free product. The transparency in their manufacturing andaffordability process gives us confidence in the quality of their oat milk.

What we don’t like: While Kirkland offers an affordable option, the availability may vary depending on your location and the retailer. It’s always good to check if it’s stocked at your local store.

4. Oatsome

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: oatsomeoatmilk/ Instgagram

Price: $4.12 for 33.8 fl. Oz (price may vary)
Certifications: USDA Organic, 100% Vegan, Kosher, Non GMO, Gluten Free

Oatsome are just what you think, a brand that sells Oat products! Oatsome Oat Milk is one of their feature products. Oatsome offers milk of oats as an alternative for people seeking Lactose-free milk, they do so with a presence of transparency and making their ingredient list glyphosate-free. They have mentioned their product to be delicious anf frothable for all coffee enthusiasts!

What we Like: We absolutely love that Oatsome goes the extra mile to ensure their milk is glyphosate-free. Their dedication to transparency and sourcing high-quality ingredients is commendable, and it shines through in the taste and texture of their milk.

What we don’t like: However, some people have mentioned they find the after taste of the milk to be bitter.

5. Rise Brewing

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: risebrewingco/ Instagram

Certifications: Barista Approved, USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, Vegan and Glyphosate Residue Free, Dairy Free, Plant Powered

Rise Brewing offers a fantastic glyphosate-free oat milk that deserves a special mention. With a dedicated focus on quality and transparency, Rise Brewing’s nutrient extract blend of lattes and mochas is establishing itself as a favorite among oat milk enthusiasts. If you want to buy some good premade cans of deviousness then Rise Brewing Co. Organic Oat Milk is a terrific choice! 

What we Like: The texture and taste is the milk is good and many people love their packaging (even more than their milk!) The product is very safe and healthy to consume.

What we don’t like: Some costumers seem to prefer Oatly milk’s consistency over Rise Brewing’s oat milk, especially to make lattes. It’s always a good idea to give it a try yourself to see if it aligns with your personal taste preferences.

6. Three Trees

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: threetreesfoods

Three Trees had its humble beginnings in 2012 with nut milk products selling only in 5 stores. The philosophy of providing nutritious beverages is inspired from the childhood of the Jenny, the owner and the asian culture that is abundant in Plant-based food, Plant Milks options. Now a prominent oat milk brand, the products are worth checking out if you care about what food you have and from where.

What we Like: Great brand philosophy and quality product. They prioritize quality ingredients and maintain organic certifications, which is a big plus for those seeking a cleaner oat milk choice. The smooth and creamy texture of their oat milk is also highly enjoyable.

What we don’t like: Many of their products have nuts, including their widely available oat milk so if you don’t want to have milk with nuts then you should probably steer clear of this one.

7. Califia

glyphosate free oat milk
Source: califiafarms

Price: $6.79 for 32 fl. oz

Califia Farms was established in 2010 with the aim of creating plant-based beverages that are both delicious and sustainable. Inspired by the fertile California landscape, Califia Farms Extra Creamy Oatmilk embraces a philosophy that celebrates natural abundance and a healthy lifestyle. Califia Farms Original Oatmilk is made of Oats Unsweetened Oat Milk which many consumers are looking for! 

What we Like: We appreciate Califia Farms’ dedication to producing a glyphosate-free oat milk that is transparently made with very minimal and simple ingredients high-quality ingredients. Their commitment to certifications reassures us of their product’s quality and sustainability

What we don’t like: One aspect we find worth mentioning is that some Califia Farms oat milk products contain added oils. While this may provide a creamier texture, it might not align with everyone’s dietary preferences or needs.

Glyphosate-free Oat Milk: All Essential Details You Should be Aware of

Ingredients in Oat Milk

Organic Gluten-free Oats

These oats are not only gluten-free but also sourced organically. They are a wonderful choice because they provide essential nutrients and fiber. Plus, being gluten-free makes them suitable for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet.


Water serves as the base ingredient for the production of oats and its milk. It’s an essential component that helps create the smooth and creamy texture you love in the milk. Of course, the quality of the water used can impact the overall taste and purity of the final product.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a commonly used ingredient in making milk from oats to enhance its texture and creaminess. It helps create a more velvety consistency and adds a subtle richness to the taste. Sunflower oil is also known for its heart-healthy properties and contains beneficial nutrients like vitamin E.


Lecithin acts as an emulsifier in oat milk, meaning it helps stabilize the mixture and prevent separation. It ensures that the water and oil blend together smoothly, resulting in a cohesive and homogeneous product. This ingredient is typically derived from plant sources, such as soy or sunflower, and is safe for consumption.


Oat milk can be enjoyed with different sweeteners, depending on personal preference. Some options include cane sugar, maple syrup, or even natural fruit extracts. The choice of sweetener can significantly impact the taste of the oat milk, so it’s important to consider individual preferences and dietary needs. It’s worth noting that some brands offer unsweetened versions for those who prefer a more neutral flavor.


Thickeners are used in oat milk to give it a more substantial consistency. Common thickeners include ingredients like carrageenan, guar gum, or xanthan gum. These substances help provide a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, similar to dairy milk, enhancing the overall experience of drinking oat milk.

Tricalcium Phosphate

Tricalcium phosphate is often added to oat milk for fortification purposes and to increase its calcium content. Calcium is an essential mineral for maintaining strong bones and teeth, and fortifying oat milk with tricalcium phosphate ensures you’re getting a good dose of this vital nutrient.

Other Additives

Milk of Oats may contain additional additives for flavor, preservation, or nutritional enhancement. These can vary depending on the brand and the specific oat milk product. Common examples include natural flavors, vitamins, minerals, or even plant-based protein sources like pea protein.

Types of Oat Milk Available in the Market


If you’re someone who values organic products, this one’s for you! This is made from oats that are grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. It’s a great option if you prefer your milk to be free from any unwanted chemicals and additives.


For those of you trying to keep an eye on your sugar intake, unsweetened oat milk is the way to go. It contains no added sugars, making it a healthier choice. You can still enjoy that creamy goodness without worrying about unnecessary sweeteners.


Oh, the possibilities are endless here! Flavored ones come in a bunch of exciting varieties and delicious tastes. From classic chocolate and vanilla to more unique flavors like matcha or chai, there’s something to satisfy every taste bud.


Calling all coffee lovers! This milk is specially crafted to froth up perfectly, making it the ideal choice for your coffee-based beverages. Get that silky microfoam for your lattes and cappuccinos – it’s a barista’s dream come true!

Important Certifications for Glyphosate Free Oat Milk

When it comes to choosing glyphosate-free oat milk, there are some important certifications to keep an eye out for. The label – Made with Glyphosate-Tested Oats, is like a stamp of approval for the oats used in the milk. It means that the oats have been tested for glyphosate residues. So, you can trust that the oats are either totally glyphosate-free or they fall within the acceptable limits. Peace of mind in every sip!

Let us break them down for you in a friendly and easy-to-understand way:

  1. USDA Organic Certification: This one is like a gold standard! When you see the USDA Organic label on oat milk, it means the oats used to make it were grown organically. That means no nasty synthetic pesticides like glyphosate were used during their cultivation. It’s a natural and healthier choice for you and the environment!
  2. Non-GMO Project Verified: Don’t want any genetically modified stuff in your oat milk? Look for the Non-GMO Project Verified label! This certification ensures that the milk is completely free from genetically modified organisms, including oats that might have been engineered to handle glyphosate-based herbicides. It’s all about keeping things natural and safe!
  3. Glyphosate Residue Free Certification: Here’s one that’s laser-focused on glyphosate. This certification is proof of guarantee that the milk product has undergone thorough testing to ensure it’s free from any residues of glyphosate. 

What to Look For While Choosing Healthy Organic Oat Milk?


Organic oat milk typically consists of water, organic oats, and sometimes a small amount of added organic oil (like sunflower seed oil) to enhance creaminess. Some brands may also include natural sweeteners, additional sugars like agave syrup or dates for added flavor. Remember to not fall in trap of the lengthy ingredient lists!


A typical 8-ounce (240 ml) serving of oat milk contains around 120-150 calories. However, this can vary slightly depending on the brand and any added ingredients like sweeteners or thickeners.

Protein Contents

Usually there is some protein from oats, but it’s generally lower than cow’s milk or soy milk. On average, an 8-ounce serving of oat milk provides about 2-4 grams of protein.

Taste and Texture

Organic oat milk has a mild, slightly sweet flavor with a creamy texture. It’s known for being a great dairy milk substitute in various recipes and beverages.

Vitamin Contents

Most oat milk products are fortified with vitamins to enhance their nutritional profile. Commonly, you’ll find mineral blend with added calcium, vitamin D, and sometimes vitamin B12. The grams of fiber in milk of oats is usually the highest amongst the counterparts!

Dairy Free 

Do check whether your oat milk is really dairy/lactose-free. As mentioned earlier, oat milk is naturally dairy-free and lactose-free. However, it’s essential to read the label for potential cross-contamination in the manufacturing process if you have severe dairy allergies.


Prices can vary depending on the brand, location, and packaging size. Generally, organic oat milk may be slightly more expensive than regular oat milk due to the organic certification.


The shelf life typically ranges from 7 to 10 days after opening, but it’s essential to check the specific expiry date on the carton.

Allergen Free

Organic oat milk is naturally free from common allergens like dairy, nuts, and soy. However, always check the label for any allergen warnings, especially if you have specific allergies.

Additives and Fortifications

Some oat milk brands may include additional ingredients like emulsifiers or stabilizers to improve texture and prevent separation. Fortifications, as mentioned earlier, may include added vitamins and minerals for extra nutrition.

Sustainability / Ethical Considerations / Packaging

When it comes to sustainability and ethical considerations, look for brands that use responsibly sourced oats and eco-friendly packaging materials. Choosing recyclable or biodegradable packaging can make a positive impact on the environment. Additionally, supporting brands with sustainable practices and ethical values can contribute to a better future for everyone.

Tips on Using Oat Milk in Your Daily Routine

So here are some awesome tips on how to make oat milk a delightful part of your daily routine. Whether you’re a vegan, lactose intolerant, or just looking to try something new, oat milk can be a game-changer in your kitchen adventures!

Substitute in Recipes and Cooking

So, you’ve got a recipe that calls for milk? No worries! Milk of oats can swoop in like a culinary superhero. Use it in place of regular milk in your pancakes, muffins, creamy soups, and more. It adds a subtly sweet flavor that complements a wide range of dishes. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Incorporating Oat Milk into Beverages

If you’re a coffee or tea enthusiast, oat milk is about to be your new BFF. It froths up beautifully, making your lattes and cappuccinos velvety smooth. Plus, it adds a hint of oat-y goodness to your daily cuppa. Obviously make sure you have pesticide free coffee with glyphosate- free oat milk!

Oat Milk in Breakfast Cereals, Smoothies, and Desserts

Say goodbye to boring breakfasts! Pour this alternative over your favorite cereal, and let the magic happen. It’s so creamy and delicious; you might even find yourself having seconds. Oh, and don’t forget about smoothies and desserts! Oat milk blends perfectly with fruits and gives your treats a luscious texture.

Storing and Preserving Oat Milk Freshness

Okay, let’s talk about keeping your oat milk fresh. Once you’ve opened a carton, remember to pop it in the fridge. It’s best to consume it within a few days for that ultimate taste experience. And here’s a pro-tip: give it a gentle shake before pouring, just to make sure everything’s nicely mixed up.


Now, I know you might be wondering, “Can I make my oat milk at home?” Absolutely! If you’re feeling adventurous, there are loads of simple recipes online for homemade oat milk that guide you through making your batch. It’s fun, easy, and you’ll feel like a DIY superstar.

So, there you have it! This healthy alternative is a versatile and delightful addition to your daily routine. From cooking to beverages, breakfast to dessert, this plant-based wonder can do it all. Get creative, have fun, and enjoy the oat-y goodness in every sip and bite. Cheers to oat milk and happy tastebuds!

In a Nutshell…

Choosing glyphosate free oat milk comes with several benefits. First and foremost, it ensures that your oat milk is free from potential glyphosate contamination, offering you peace of mind when it comes to your health. Additionally, opting for glyphosate free oat milk supports sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, contributing to a healthier planet. With its low-fat content, heart-friendly qualities, and rich nutritional profile, oat milk remains a nutritious and delicious dairy alternative. Amongst the brands not mentioned above it Chobani Oat Plain Oat Milk which also provides the Oats Original Oat Milk we love! 

When selecting which one to buy, it’s important to prioritize brands that have obtained glyphosate-free certifications. These certifications serve as an assurance that the oat milk has undergone rigorous testing and meets the required standards of being glyphosate-free. By choosing such brands over standard Oat Milks that lack transparency, you can confidently enjoy your oat milk knowing that it has been carefully produced to eliminate potential glyphosate residues.

Being aware of glyphosate contamination and its potential health implications is crucial. While the evidence on glyphosate’s impact is still being studied, making informed choices about the food products we consume is essential for our well-being. By staying informed and opting for brands that prioritize glyphosate-free certifications, we can prioritize our health and contribute to a sustainable and mindful food system. Remember, every small choice we make as consumers can collectively make a big difference in our own lives and the world around us. Stay happy and healthy!

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