8 Fast Fashion Brands in Australia to Evade in 2022

Fast fashion brands are infamous for being major contributors to generating textile waste, ocean waste, plastic waste and basically ruining the planet.

Quick Silver

No effort toward empowering workers has been made and the brand has a poor environmental sustainability rating.

DC Shoes

Brand’s sustainability has reached an all-time low; there is no transparency in its supply chain and no guarantee that human rights are incorporated with due diligence.

You + All

Brand is not so inclusive when it comes to environmental sustainability and ethical manufacturing.


Despite its claims of ‘reducing impact through each step of our design and production process’, the brand lacks proof to back such claim.


The brand has been graded ‘F’ for its Supplier Relationships and Human Rights Monitoring, Worker Empowerment, and Environmental Sustainability


The brand comes up with 65 new styles each week, which is an alarming production rate when it comes to sustainability.

Ping Pong

As a retail clothing company, the label provides little to information on its ‘About Us’ page. That, in itself, is suspicious.


The brand refuses to disclose information about its supply chain and has been graded ‘F’ for its Policies and Governance,