9 Best Sustainability Apps for Eco-warriors

sustainability apps
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In today’s rapidly changing world, sustainability has become a paramount concern. Environmental challenges, such as climate change, pollution, and resource depletion, require urgent action. Sustainable practices aim to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is essential to adopt eco-friendly habits to preserve our planet. In this article, we will explore the role of sustainability apps in promoting eco-conscious living, making it easier for individuals to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Best Sustainability Apps

1. Ecosia
2. Good On You
3. Too Good To Go
4. Olio
5. Think Dirty
6. BlaBlaCar
7. One Small Step
8. Thred Up
9. Giki

What Really is a Sustainability App?

Sustainability apps are mobile applications designed to encourage and facilitate eco-friendly behaviors. Recently, Sustainability Blogs and Apps have become the go to for eco-conscious individuals. These apps leverage technology to raise awareness about environmental issues, provide educational resources, and help users adopt sustainable practices in various aspects of their lives. The underlying goal of sustainability apps is to empower individuals to make informed choices that collectively make a positive impact on the planet.

Types of Sustainability Apps

Energy Conservation

These apps monitor energy usage and offer tips to reduce consumption. They may suggest energy-efficient appliances, provide energy-saving guides, or help users track their electricity usage in real-time.

Waste Reduction

Apps in this category assist users in minimizing waste by offering tips for proper recycling, composting, and reducing single-use items. Some apps also connect individuals with local recycling facilities.

Sustainable Shopping

These apps promote responsible consumerism by offering information about eco-friendly products and sustainable brands. They may also include ethical certifications or ingredient analysis for products.

The apps have especially revolutionized shopping for slow fashion by providing curated selections of eco-friendly brands, transparency on production practices, and information on certifications. They promote diversity, support emerging affordable sustainable clothing brands, and offer personalized recommendations, enhancing the overall shopping experience. Embracing these apps can foster a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry, satisfying the desire for stylish, eco-conscious clothing.


Apps designed for sustainable transportation encourage eco-friendly commuting options such as carpooling, biking, public transit, or electric vehicle charging station locators.

Sustainable Food

These apps promote sustainable eating habits, such as choosing locally sourced, organic/plant-based foods or even your organic tea brands, non toxic coffee and cereals. Some apps may also connect users with farmers’ markets or offer sustainable recipes.

sustainability apps
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Benefits of Sustainability Apps


Sustainability apps make it convenient for individuals to access eco-friendly resources and information on the go. Users can quickly adopt sustainable practices with just a few taps on their smartphones.


These apps provide valuable information and educational content about environmental issues and sustainable practices. Users can become more knowledgeable about the impact of their actions on the environment.

Personal Carbon Footprint

By tracking and analyzing their habits through sustainability apps, users can better understand their carbon footprint and make conscious efforts to reduce it.

Our Favorite Pics of Top Sustainability Apps Highly Compatible with a Sustainable Lifestyle

We have curated a list of incredibly useful sustainability apps that are highly compatible with a sustainable lifestyle. These apps have been selected based on their functionalities, user ratings, and positive impact on promoting eco-friendly practices. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, make sustainable fashion choices, or adopt greener transportation options, these apps will help you navigate through a sustainable lifestyle. From energy conservation to waste reduction and sustainable shopping, this handpicked selection of sustainability apps is here to support and empower you in your journey towards a more sustainable future.

1. Ecosia

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Over 15 million combined downloads
Active Users: Above 15 million updated as of 2023
Pricing: Free

Ecosia is a search engine based in Berlin, Germany that focuses on being eco-concious. As a B Lab Certified company, Ecosia is a CO₂ negative green superhero on a mission to save the planet.

Ecosia works just like any other search engine, but with a special twist. Whenever you search the web using Ecosia, they use the revenue generated from ads to plant trees all around the globe! Their tree-planting efforts are seriously impressive. They’ve already planted millions of trees in various reforestation projects, helping combat deforestation and supporting biodiversity. You can even see a tree counter right on the app to keep track of your positive impact!

Ecosia also takes your privacy seriously and doesn’t sell your data to third parties. Plus, they are powered by 100% renewable energy, so every search you make is eco-friendly! So, by simply searching the web with Ecosia, you become a part of the solution in fighting climate change and promoting sustainable living. It’s like having a green thumb while browsing the internet!

2. Good On You

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Over 1 million downloads (as of the last available data)
Active Users: The number of active users is not publicly available.
Pricing: Free to download and use. There may be in-app purchases or optional premium features, but the core functionality of the app is free.

Good On You is a mobile application designed to help users make ethical and sustainable fashion choices. The app rates fashion brands based on their environmental impact, labor conditions, and treatment of animals. By using Good On You, users can easily discover information about their favorite brands or explore new ones, allowing them to shop with a clear conscience and support companies that align with their values.

Good On You’s main goal is to help you make ethical and eco-conscious fashion choices with ease. All you have to do is search for your favorite fashion brands or discover new ones. Good On You then gives each brand a sustainability rating based on three main categories: planet, people, and animals. The app considers various factors, like the brand’s impact on the environment, labor conditions, use of animal-derived materials, and support for animal welfare. With this information at your fingertips, you can now shop with a clear conscience and support brands that align with your values.

By choosing to support sustainable fashion brands, you’re contributing to a more ethical and eco-friendly fashion industry. Plus, you’ll be part of a community working towards a brighter and greener future! So, say goodbye to the guilt and let Good On You guide you towards a wardrobe that reflects your commitment to sustainability. It’s fashion-forward, conscious, and just what our planet needs!

3. Too Good To Go

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Above 15 million (as of 2021)
Active Users: Too Good To Go’s community of over 75 million registered users
Pricing: Free

Too Good To Go is a remarkable app that connects eco-conscious individuals with nearby restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores to rescue surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. With a user-friendly interface, it allows you to browse through a variety of scrumptious meals and goodies at discounted prices.

Here’s how it works: Restaurants and stores list their surplus food offerings on the app, and you get to choose from a wide array of delicious options. Once you’ve made your choice, simply pay through the app, and then head over to the partner location during their designated “magic hours” to collect your goodies.

By saving perfectly good food from being discarded, Too Good To Go tackles the issue of food waste head-on, which is a major environmental problem. Not only do you get to enjoy delightful meals, but you’re also contributing to reducing carbon emissions and conserving valuable resources that go into food production.

Not only does Too Good To Go make sustainable living convenient and budget-friendly, but it also allows you to indulge in culinary adventures while being an eco-hero! A win-win for your interest in food and the planet!

4. Olio

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: 10 million
Active Users: 7 million
Pricing: Free

Currently serving in 49 countries, Olio is an app that brings communities together to combat food waste and promote sustainable living. This app serves as a platform for household individuals and local businesses to borrow and share food, encouraging people to give away surplus food instead of letting it go to waste. By connecting neighbors and reducing food waste, Olio not only helps the environment but also fosters a sense of community.

People can simply list the surplus food they have, whether it’s ingredients or cooked meals, and share it with others in their area. Users can also browse through the listings to find nearby food that would otherwise be discarded. Olio encourages a spirit of sharing and reduces the need for excess food production, cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

Moreover, Olio’s community-driven approach promotes social connections. When someone receives food from a neighbor through the app, it opens up opportunities for conversations, friendships, and a sense of unity. With its user-friendly interface and focus on building sustainable communities, Olio is a powerful tool for individuals to play an active role in reducing food waste and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle.

5. Think Dirty

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Over 1 million downloads
Active Users: Specific active user numbers are not available in my database.
Pricing: free to download and use, with potential in-app purchases or premium plans like Premium Plan – Price: $2.99/month or $24.99/year (Price may vary by region)

Think Dirty is an informative and user-friendly app that empowers consumers to make conscious and sustainable choices when it comes to personal care and beauty products.

With Think Dirty, users can simply scan the barcode or search for a specific product to get instant access to a comprehensive rating based on potential health impacts, ingredient transparency, and environmental friendliness. The app uses a color-coded system, making it easy to understand product evaluations at a glance. Green indicates clean and safe products, while red flags potential harmful ingredients.

By providing users with detailed insights into the products they use daily, Think Dirty educates consumers about the potential environmental impact and health risks associated with various personal care items. Armed with this knowledge, users can make more informed decisions, choose products that align with their values, and contribute to a more sustainable and healthier lifestyle.

In essence, Think Dirty empowers users to drive change by supporting sustainable and eco-friendly brands, encouraging companies to adopt safer ingredients and more responsible packaging practices. Through increased awareness and informed choices, users play an essential role in demanding transparency and sustainability from the beauty and personal care industry, ultimately fostering positive changes for the environment and our well-being.

6. BlaBlaCar

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: 100 million combined downloads worldwide
Active Users: 26 million active users in over 21 countries
Pricing: App is free to use

BlaBlaCar is a popular carpooling app that connects drivers with empty seats to passengers traveling in the same direction. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a weekend getaway, or embarking on a road trip, BlaBlaCar makes sustainable travel easy and cost-effective.

With BlaBlaCar, you can create or join rides as either a driver or passenger. As a driver, you can list your available seats and set a fair contribution to cover fuel and toll costs. Passengers can browse available rides, choose a driver based on their profile and reviews, and book a seat hassle-free.

This app significantly contributes to sustainable living by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road. By encouraging ride-sharing, BlaBlaCar minimizes carbon emissions, congestion, and overall environmental impact. It fosters a sense of community and social connection as travelers share their journeys, making the trip not just eco-friendly but also enjoyable with meaningful conversations along the way. With BlaBlaCar, you not only save money and time but also play your part in building a greener and more sustainable future for all.

7. One Small Step

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: 1 million combined downloads
Active Users: About 500,000
Pricing: Free

One Small Step is a remarkable app that guides users towards sustainable living in a friendly and interactive manner. This app recognizes that significant change begins with small steps, and it empowers individuals to make a positive impact on the environment through everyday actions.

The app comes equipped with a variety of features that inspire users to adopt eco-conscious habits. It offers personalized challenges, tips, and reminders tailored to your lifestyle and location, making it easy to integrate sustainability into your daily routine.

Whether you want to reduce plastic waste, save energy, or support local businesses, One Small Step has got you covered. The app connects you with a like-minded community, allowing you to share your progress and discover new ideas from others on the sustainability journey.

By focusing on achievable goals and gradual progress, One Small Step ensures that sustainability becomes a fun and rewarding experience. Together, we can create a greener, healthier future, one small step at a time.

8. Thred Up

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Over 5 Million Downloads
Active Users: Not Available
Pricing: Free/ Additional upgrade plans

The mobile app ThredUp revolutionizes the way we shop sustainably. It’s like having a thrift store right in your pocket! In ThredUp you can easily browse and purchase high-quality second-hand clothing and accessories for women, kids, and even maternity wear.

The app features a vast and diverse selection of pre-loved fashion items, carefully curated to cater to different tastes and styles. You can find trendy pieces from your favorite brands at a fraction of the original cost, all while reducing the demand for new clothing production and its environmental impact.

By giving pre-owned clothes a new life, the app promotes a circular economy, minimizing waste and the need for additional resources. It encourages responsible consumerism and helps extend the lifecycle of garments, reducing their carbon footprint significantly. Plus, with convenient and user-friendly features, ThredUp makes it effortless to shop consciously and fashionably while contributing positively to the planet. So why not give it a try and join the sustainable fashion movement? Happy thrifting!

9. Giki

sustainability apps

Platform: iOS / Android
Downloads: Over 100,000 combined downloads
Active Users: Approximately 50,000 active users
Pricing: Free with no hidden costs

Giki is an innovative sustainability app that embraces a user-friendly approach to promote eco-conscious living without sacrificing convenience. The app serves as a powerful tool in the hands of environmentally-conscious individuals, guiding them towards more sustainable choices effortlessly.

With Giki, discovering the sustainability of everyday products has never been easier. By simply scanning barcodes or searching for items, users receive instant ratings and insights on the products’ environmental impact, ethical considerations, and health implications. This knowledge empowers users to make informed decisions while shopping, encouraging them to opt for eco-friendly and ethical brands.

Beyond product ratings, Giki takes it a step further by offering personalized tips and guidance on how to adopt greener habits in daily life. From reducing plastic waste to choosing energy-efficient options, the app serves as a constant companion, motivating users on their sustainable journey.

By seamlessly integrating sustainability into our lives, Giki plays a crucial role in promoting positive change for the planet. It nurtures a sense of environmental responsibility and empowers users to contribute to a more sustainable future. With Giki, sustainability is no longer an overwhelming concept but an accessible and exciting lifestyle choice that anyone can embrace. Join the Giki community today, and together, let’s make a meaningful difference in building a greener and healthier world.

How Sustainability Apps Can Empower You

Education and Awareness

Sustainability apps are your virtual mentors, providing a wealth of information and educational resources on eco-friendly practices and environmental issues. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can delve into a world of knowledge about sustainability. These apps break down complex concepts into digestible pieces, making it easy for anyone to understand and appreciate the significance of their actions on the planet.

Want to know about the carbon footprint of your favorite snack? Interested in learning how to reduce water consumption at home? Sustainability apps have got you covered! They offer valuable insights, statistics, and tips, equipping you with the knowledge to make better choices for a greener lifestyle. By raising awareness and sharing eye-opening facts, these apps empower you to take small yet impactful steps towards a more sustainable future. For a start, these easy to implement sustainability tips can give you an idea about how to put the apps to best use.

Behavior Change

The power of sustainability apps lies in their ability to drive behavior change and turn eco-conscious intentions into tangible actions. By tracking your sustainable habits, these apps act as your eco-friendly personal trainer, motivating you to achieve your green goals. You can set targets, whether it’s reducing plastic waste or using renewable energy, and monitor your progress over time.

The sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement provided by these apps fuels your determination to keep going. Achieving milestones and witnessing your impact on the environment encourages you to sustain these eco-friendly habits in the long run. It’s like a virtual high-five that celebrates your commitment to making a difference.

Community and Collaboration

Sustainability apps are not just individual journeys; they foster a sense of community and collaboration among like-minded users. Connecting with others who share your passion for sustainability creates a supportive space where you can exchange ideas, share challenges, and celebrate successes together.

In-app communities allow you to seek advice, get inspiration from others’ experiences, and even participate in sustainability challenges. It’s an opportunity to be part of a movement that extends far beyond your personal efforts. The collective impact of a supportive community is tremendous, making it easier to stay motivated and inspired to make positive changes in your life.

The Road Ahead

Sustainability apps face challenges in accessibility, reaching diverse audiences, and maintaining user engagement. Technological constraints and data accuracy are also factors to consider, requiring continuous improvement to ensure effectiveness.

The future holds promise as emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things can revolutionize sustainability apps. AI can enhance personalization and data analysis, while IoT enables seamless integration with smart devices, expanding the apps’ capabilities and impact. Embracing these innovations can unlock new possibilities for driving sustainable behaviors worldwide.

A Final Thought

In a nutshell, the benefits of using sustainability apps are numerous. Firstly, they offer convenience by providing practical solutions right at your fingertips. You can access valuable resources, tips, and guidelines to make eco-friendly choices effortlessly. Secondly, these apps serve as educational tools, increasing awareness about environmental issues and sustainable practices. By using them, you can improve your understanding of managing your own carbon footprint to have the lowest impact on the planet. Ultimately, these apps empower people to make small, collective changes that have a strong positive effect on the environment, fostering a greener future for all.

Remember, every small choice you make has the power to create a ripple effect of change. With sustainability apps in hand, you hold the key to transforming your daily actions into a force for good. Embrace the power of technology, embrace the power of change, and together, let’s shape a sustainable future.

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