12 Sustainable Colorful Clothing Brands That'll Brighten You Up

A London base brand run by women. Its clothing showcases Malawi artisanship. The textiles used by the brand are organic and the dyes are non-toxic.


The main focus of Birdsong is on empowering disadvantaged women as it only produces handmade apparel and ensures payment of living wage.


Tamga is especially popular for using certified organic cotton. Besides, it ensures the payment of living wage in the final stage of production.

Tamga Designs

The Lucy & Yak uses GOTS-certified organic cotton and uses methods aimed at minimizing the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater during production.

Lucy & Yak

The Social Outfit trains and employs women refugees and new migrants. The brand solely uses eco-friendly fabrics for sustainable and durable clothing.

The Social Outfit

Mara Hoffman produces unique designs and swimwear using the most sustainable fabrics like GOTS organic cotton, recycled nylon, and recycled polyester.

Mara Hoffman

Tasi Travels is an entirely vegan production! The brand offers prints and patterns made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials and ensures the rights of its workers.

Tasi Travels

Gung Ho London produces clothing using eco-friendly materials as well as sustainable production techniques.

Gung Ho London

OhSevenDays uses eco-friendly materials that are leftovers of fast fashion from garment factories in Istanbul to create daily wear for women.


The Indian Brand No Nasties specializes in fair trade organic cotton-made sober and colorful designs. More importantly, the brand is listed as vegan by PETA.

No Nasties

Veja uses organic raw materials like agroecological and fairtrade cotton to create sneakers canvas. Plastic wastes like water bottles are used to create a mesh.


Dedicated produces ethical streetwear for men, women, and children. It uses certified organic cotton and renewable energy. Most of its garments are fairtrade certified.