10 Best Fit Made To Order Clothing Brands to Try in 2022

What is Made to Order Clothing?

Made-to-order fashion is customized clothing made to fit the customer according to his/her specifications.


Benevento offers perfect cut of linen trousers, gorkha trousers, wool trousers and even custom-tailored shirts.


A whole range of made-to-order and made-to-fit business wear for those independent women out there.


Wild kaftans, sizzling Parisian and opera coats, coloratura capes, turbans, scarves, sunglasses, and many more couture-inspired designs.

Soleil Comfort

Soleil Comfort makes beautiful layover pixie dresses, crop tops, pants, bodysuits, and more!

Citizen Wolf

Magic Fit Technology to curate a 94% accurate model for getting the most amazing custom-made fit for your body type.


This brand aims at creating upcycled made to order clothing like patchwork tees and sweaters.


The brand offers an exclusive range of made to order jackets, shirts, denim, joggers, and even suits for men and women.

Pamut Apparel

90% of their garments are available in sizes XS-4XL with complimentary customization available too.

Reclaim Creative

Sustainable and repurposed fashion where you’ll get both readymade and made-to-order garments.

Thread + Sprout

Thread + Sprout, makes colorful garments for you using natural fibers, especially linen clothes sewn with cotton thread.