Is That Vegan Teacher Dead? Debunking the Rumors about Kadie Diekmeyer’s Health

Is That Vegan Teacher Dead
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No. That vegan teacher is definitely, not dead! For our uninformed peeps, Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, popularly known as That Vegan Teacher, is a Canadian animal rights activist, former educator, and singer/songwriter who gained fame on the internet for furiously promoting veganism. Diekmeyer operates four social media accounts as a social media influencer: That Vegan Teacher on YouTube, thatveganteachermisskadie on Instagram, @musicbythatveganteacher on TikTok, and VeganKadieKaren on Twitter.

Apparently, on Earth Day, April 21, 2022, her fans were alarmed by the news of her death from a heart attack at the age of 57. Rumors that she passed away caused quite a stir in the animal rights community. But really That Vegan Teacher is dead or still alive? How much truth does the rumor hold? Let’s find out!

That vegan teacher or Kadie Karen Diekmeyer is a Canadian social influencer who had an extensive career as a registered nurse and later as an ESL teacher before starting her online career during the COVID-19 pandemic. She first rose as an internet celebrity through her TikTok account, which involved videos debunking myths about veganism and animal rights infringements, encouraging her followers to transition to vegans. She has adopted a dog named Bella, who is also on a vegan diet.

Gaining a lot of limelight for informative content on veganism, Diekmeyer received support from a lot of her fans for her vegan lifestyle. However, others are less than impressed by all the graphic and disturbing details, with some videos featuring profanities and racial discrimination. 

Diekmeyer receives constant bashing for being xenophobic, sexist, and anti-religious. She is known to be a magnet attracting a lot of controversies. As a result, her original TikTok account, @its.that.vegan.teacher, got suspended, despite having over 1.6 million followers. In July 2020, her song, “Eating Animals is Wrong, McDonald’s”, went viral resulting in overnight popularity. 

Is That Vegan Teacher Dead Or Alive?

No. That vegan teacher is very much alive. In April 2022, on Earth Day, the news surfaced that Diekmeyer died owing to a heart attack. This caused a frenzy among her followers, but she’s not dead. Diekmeyer addressed the rumors by uploading a video on that very day on her YouTube channel titled, “Responding to your comments: Why does everyone always think I’m dead?” So, you see, she’s doing just fine, and her death is a hoax pulled by some of her haters. 

is that vean teacher dead
Source: thatveganteachermisskadie / Instagram

Where is That Vegan Teacher Now?

Diekmeyer is alive and thriving in her homeland, Canada. As an animal welfare activist, she continues to educate people about the benefits of adopting a vegan lifestyle. Through her unique songwriting skills portraying a passion for protecting animals, she spreads the word about veganism on her social media handles.

is that vean teacher dead
Source: thatveganteachermisskadie / Instagram

Why is That Vegan Teacher So Controversial?

That Vegan Teacher has been in and out of controversies since she started out on social media. She is renowned for her extremist vegan views. People on the internet often criticize her for harassing viewers, famous internet personalities, and celebrities for not embracing veganism. While incorporating a plant-based life is exceptionally beneficial for the planet’s well-being, Diekmeyer takes it to a different level by calling non-vegans “animal abusers.”

In 2020, That Vegan Teacher landed in trouble for making inappropriate comments on TommyInnit’s (YouTuber and Twitch streamer) video. His fans didn’t take the matter lightly and chastised Diekmeyer. Again, she even launched unjustified attacks on famous internet stars like GeorgeNotFound, MrBeast, and Daz Games on TikTok. She also gas-lighted Gordon Ramsay in many of her videos and denounced the celebrity chef for his love of all things meat.

Corresponding to all the controversies, in 2021, her TikTok account was permanently banned. While the exact reason for the ban is unknown, it is assumed that her inappropriate behavior was the reason.

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