10 Best Documentaries on Sustainability in 2022

Documentaries on Sustainability

These documentaries help one to embark on an inspiring journey as they focus on the beauty and use of resources in production.

The True Cost

Targets the unsustainable practices in the fashion industry.

IMDB 7.7 / Amazon Prime

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore sheds light on climate change and its impact.

IMDB 7.4 / Amazon Prime

More Than Honey

Learn how without the bees, it would not be possible to pollenize and grow fruits and vegetables.

IMDB 7.5 / Amazon Prime

A Plastic Ocean

A journalist and a diver team up to observe the decadent conditions of water bodies because of excessive plastic.

IMDB 7.9 / Amazon Prime

Slowing Down Fast Fashion

Become part of Alex James’s journey to find how fashion is one of the most waste-producing industries in the world.

IMDB 7.6 / Amazon Prime

Wasted !

It reveals the heinous amount of food going waste on streets of America & lands up in landfills.

IMDB 7.5 / Amazon Prime


This production talks about the animal agriculture industry and its environmental impacts.

IMDB 7.5 / Amazon Prime

Down to Earth

It revolves around Zac Efron and his travels focusing on issues like nature, green energy, and sustainable living practices.

IMDB 8  /  Netflix

Kiss The Ground

‘Kiss The Ground’ brings concept of regenerative agriculture as solution to apocalyptic climate changes.

IMDB 8.2  /  Netflix

Living The Change

It hopes to inspire millions of people by showing unconventional lifestyle choices that are sustainable and regenerative.

IMDB 6.9  /  YouTube