Is The TikTok Bottle BPA Free?

tiktok bottle is tiktok bottle bpa free
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As times are changing, so are the people and their habits. Water was and till date continues to be a commodity of necessity but people more often than not forget the body’s need to consume at least 2ltrs of water to stay fit and healthy. 

Is TikTok bottle BPA free? Though the ombre-colored TikTok water bottle came as a knight in shining armor for those who need a constant synergy of external and interior forces for motivation to maintain the right amount of water intake and though the bottle comes at cheap prices, it makes us question the larger picture. Let’s check it out….

tiktok 99p is tiktok bottle bpa free
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Most water bottle brands like Milton, Cello, Nike, and other brands manufacture ranges of water bottles with materials like stainless steel, glass, and Thermosteel flasks. However, these TikTok big water bottles are made from plastic and are cheap to a surprising extent. 

Regardless, TikTok has sold ample quantities of these multishade ombre bottles and influencers continue to buy water bottles by TikTok. These bottles are so famous that a new modern water bottle range for kids was also launched and is a favorite among the doting mothers. 

 So, even after being a plastic bottle, why is TikTok so popular among buyers and consumers worldwide? Is it true that these bottles are BPA-free?

What is The TikTok Bottle?

TikTok bottles are big ombre colored water bottles with 2 litres of capacity. These bottles come with motivational reminders that keep you up and going. The timely alerts in sync with the quotes turn something as simple as drinking water, into an experience. 

TikTok initially is a short-form video creation platform owned by the China company ByteDance. Popular for allowing users to create, discover, and promote themselves as influencers through singing, dancing, and short acts, TikTok perhaps plans to advertise itself as a retail platform by selling the rainbow-shaded plastic bottles. 

Is TikTok Bottle BPA Free?

Most TikTok influencers took to the platform and said that TikTok 99p big water bottles are not BPA-free.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A and is used in manufacturing bottles and plastic food packaging. It can leach into water and food and cause pregnancy loss, psychological issues, obesity, and heart diseases.

The TikTok emotional support bottles are sold by multiple sellers on the TikTok shop so customers can buy from any of the sellers. Some influencers claim that the big emotional support bottles from different sellers might be BPA-free.

Whether this is true customers can check through the recycling code at the bottom of the bottle. But at the end of it, there’s a possibility that the bottles may not be BPA-free.

Is TikTok Bottled Water Safe to Drink?

Unlike some other safe brands, or bottles used by other brands, water bottled in TikTok bottles might not be safe to drink because it has a risk of BPA leaching into it since it’s manufactured from plastic with the recycling label no.7. This number is given to miscellaneous plastics and these include BPA, LEXAN, and polycarbonate plastics. 

But many pieces of research regarding the chemical formation of plastic suggest that whether the plastic is BPA safe or not, there are other controversial chemicals like BPS in plastic bottles that pose an equal threat to health just like BPA. This makes BPA-free plastic bottles also unfit for use.

How Can One Know if The Bottle is BPA Free?

One can check the bottom of the plastic bottle to verify the plastic code that determines whether the bottle has BPA or doesn’t. Plastics with recycling labels #1 to #6  suggest that the plastic is BPA-free and from #7 onwards, the plastics are not BPA-free. 

Consumers can also see the printed information on the bottle to check if the bottle is BPA-safe. 

(Checking for the BPA-free mark is crucial for water and food packaging.)

Who Owns TikTok?

TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. The founder of TikTok is Zhang Yiming


People worldwide seem to have bought the TikTok bottles just because most influencers with videos having high TikTok bottle views started a trend of these emotional support water bottles for their beautiful ombre shades and cheap prices that help people fulfil their water quantity requirements. 

It would be better for people to not use the 99p TikTok water bottles just because they look great for Instagram and shift to glass and stainless steel bottles!

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