Is Aquafina BPA Free?

is aquafina bpa free
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According to the American Chemistry Council acc, the demand for bottled water will increase its supply by 40% by 2030. From most surveys run across the globe, it has been found that selling water bottles has become one of the most profitable businesses. This doesn’t come as a surprise, however, insofar as people hate inconveniencing themselves even in the slightest and prefer to buy items that are ‘use and throw’. This is more applicable to plastic bottled water than any other edible item perhaps because it’s cheap. 

Some of the most popular brands selling plastic bottles today are Aquafina Dasani, Perrier, Core, LIFEWTR, and then bottled Fiji and Just selling brand natural spring water in aseptic packaging tetra pak. So what sets Aquafina apart from all these popular bottled water brands and the water bottles the top choice among the consumers in America? Is it because of the recyclable BPA free plastic bottles of the brand?

What is Aquafina?

Aquafina is an American brand that offers both regular and flavor bottled water in plastic bottles to its customers across America and around the globe. Launched in the United States of America, Aquafina was introduced in Wichita, Kansas in 1994 with the water brand reaching national distribution in 1997. Ever since Aquafina stepped into the market, this pure water brand. 

Is Aquafina BPA Free?

Aquafina makes sure that the consumers’ health doesn’t get affected due to plastic water bottles when it makes sure with utmost caution that the bottled water tastes crisp and pure and also retains its qualities of an alkaline pH and minerals necessary in drinking water.

The Aquafina bottles, therefore, are made from Polyethylene terephthalate popularly known as PET. One can see that all the beverages like soft drinks, sodas, and water serviced by PepsiCo are packaged in PET bottles marked #1 i.e. bottles that do not contain any BPA. BPA stands for Bisphenol A and BPA, if there in bottles and plastic food packaging can leach into the beverage and food and cause severe psychological issues, heart diseases, as well as obesity. 

However, even after being BPA-free, Aquafina (or any other bottled water brand like smartwater) doesn’t suggest using plastic water bottles more than one time. 

Is Aquafina Bottled Water Safe?

Aquafina bottled water has a pH ranging up to 7 making the water alkaline and it uses all the natural water sources like tap water and other public water sources like groundwater, etc. While other bottled water brands like Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, Fiji, and the like might have similar purification processes to Aquafina like reverse osmosis, ozone, and ultraviolet sterilization, the Aquafina water 7-step purification process imposes more stringent standards than the Food and Drug Association’s standards.

It removes any possible chemicals like TDS (total dissolved solids) or bacteria and gaseous compounds found in natural spring water or chloride and heavy metals found in tap water that can affect human health and gives allows the population worldwide to access clean water in neat plastic water bottles. The distinction between Aquafina and other brands lies in the Aquafina bottled water is tap water while others sell brand natural spring water. 

Aquafina Purification Diagram
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How Can One Know If The Bottle Is BPA-free?

Bottled water brands like Aquafina use bottles manufactured by other manufacturers like Nalgene. However, how to check if the plastic bottle is BPA-free? Its pretty easy. Since such information is a must on packaged items, consumers can simply see the printed information on the bottle or check the inside bottom of the bottle for the #1 mark. 

(Checking for the BPA-free mark is crucial for water and food packaging.)

Who Owns Aquafina?

Aquafina is owned by the American company PepsiCo and is a product of Pepsico Beverages NorthAmerica. Currently, the water for Aquafina is cleaned and produced at 40 sites across America and Canada and is sold worldwide in Europe as well as Asia.


Seeing as Aquafina water bottles are the first preference of consumers nationwide in America  followed closely by Dasani and Fiji based on data surveys conducted for the same, and verified proofs are available for the Aquafina bottles being BPA free, it’s safe to say that the costumers are putting their trust in the right place!

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