Priyanka Dhoot

Hey, I’m Priyanka Dhoot. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Pune, Maharashtra. I completed my Masters in English Literature with modules in Ethics, Philosophy, Popular Culture and Cinema Studies. When I’m not reading novels and research papers or watching the latest movies and shows, I delve deep into the world of Fashion and Lifestyle. I have always had a keen interest in understanding ethical practices and often try to volunteer in waste management/recycling and social welfare projects, one such instance was when I volunteered with NABARD in 2018, on their campaign for cattle waste management. I am a highly organised individual who does her best to make the most out of purchased consumer goods. As a child, I was often bothered about the mass production of goods, ever since then, I have tried to understand how goods from various industries are produced, recognising the effects of such manufacturing practices, what the consumers get and how the endless cycle of purchasing and discarding has taken a toll on our planet. For me, Lifestyle and Fashion are about a perfect balance of artistic value and practicality. The industry of Fashion (and Beauty) is driven by large profits with less regard for the environment or the safety of consumers, I intend to bring the concerns to light and feel grateful to be a part of Your Sustainable Guide. I hope that through my research and writing, I can empower readers with knowledge about eco-conscious living. By providing insightful information and practical tips, I hope to guide them towards making informed decisions that contribute to a sustainable future. So together, let’s create a positive ripple effect, inspiring others to join this journey and collectively make a difference for both individuals and the world!