9 Refreshing Teas With Least Pesticides

Pesticide Residues in Tea

Test results show that half of the tea brands contained residues of 22 different pesticides. Here is a list of teas with least pesticides.


Australian Certified Organic teas. Plant-based plastic-free tea bag fabric for making their pyramid tea bags more sustainable.


BCARA certified teas. Tea packaging in plant-based, compostable or recyclable materials.

A Thirst for Tea

Rare, handcrafted, artisan teas with a unique earthy taste. No toxic pesticide residues.

Madura Tea

100% natural and pesticide-free teas with recyclable packaging every time you order.

Golden  Moon Tea

Teas made with 100% natural ingredients, grown without the use of any hidden toxins or dangerous pesticides

Art of Tea

Hand-blended and custom-crafted organic teas made from natural ingredients sold in recyclable metal tins.

Numi Tea

All their teas are organically crafted with 100% natural ingredients. Certified organic and fair trade.

Davids Tea

Single-origin loose leaf teas made using conflict and cruelty-free ingredients. All their packaging is recyclable, plastic free and biodegradable.

Stash Tea

Gluten-free, pesticide-free teas. Stash Tea bags are made from 100% cellulose fibers with no harmful chemicals.

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