10 Best Sustainable Watches to Invest Your Time In

What are Sustainable Watches?

Sustainable watches are those that do not impact public health and environment during their entire life cycle from raw materials to their disposal.

2 Degrees East

Eco-friendly straps and zero-waste ion plating. Ethical production lines. 30 trees planted for every watch sold.


Solar powered, Bye-bye to battery replacement. Minimal manufacturing environmental footprint. Long-term usage.


Carbon neutral. Most sustainable materials and logistical solutions. Full transparency and traceability of environmental impact.


Handcrafted. Made 100% from reclaimed / recycled wood. Certified carbon responsible. Vegan friendly.


Triwa watches are made completely from recycled ocean plastic ethically collected from oceans and shores.


100% vegan and cruelty free watches produced in a solar powered factory which recycles both waste and water.


Time IV Change watches are handcrafted, vegan, cruelty-free, animal-friendly having materials with minimal environmental impact.


Skagen sustainable watches come with solar movement, planet-friendly leather, and upcycled/recycled materials.


Cruelty-free materials, vegan leather, animal friendly, no heavy metals, recycled and renewable content.


Wide range of innovative bioceramic (ceramic + bio-sourced sustainable material), eco-friendly watches.