8 More Affordable Sustainable Clothing Brands to Choose from in 2022


Quince works only with Certified fair trade factories and sources raw materials ethically from all corners of the world.

For Days

Every piece is made under zero waste policies and is 100% recyclable.


VETTA is committed to using sustainable fabrics for its garments and crafting them in responsible Certified factories.


Reformation prioritizes tackling denim waste as one of its many sustainable practices.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective's product line is all made of recycled materials—like used plastic bottles and fishing nets. ReGirlfriend initiative to recycle old clothing.

Plant Faced Clothing

The brand is on a mission to provide vegan, sustainable clothing at an affordable price and ships worldwide.


Rapanui takes back worn-out clothes and repurposes them into something new and fresh as a part of building a circular eco-system.

Honest Basics

Honest Basics is a fully vegan and sustainable clothing brand that uses 100% GOTS Certified Cotton.