10 Best Zero Waste Stores in Portland You Must Visit in 2022

What Are Zero Waste Stores?

Stores that minimize generation of all types of wastes pertaining to eatables / packaging etc. are zero waste stores.

Mama & Hapa's Zero Waste Shop

This store promotes the REUSE culture and encourages the customers to bring their jars and containers and donates them as well.

Alberta Co-op

This store sells everything from herbs, spices, teas to vegan butter & mayonnaise and puts an eco-conscious shopper’s mind at ease.

Null Refillery

Customers can bring in their jars and get their personal care products refilled to reduce and reuse the containers and avoid extraneous waste.

The Realm Refillery

This store sells almost all items one needs for their household with use of plastic reduced from supply chain to in-store wastage.

Peoples' Food Co-op

Community owned. Food sold by People’s Food Co-op is organically grown and is sold in customers’ containers.

Utility Refill & Reuse

An online zero-waste store selling personal care products and home products with plant-based ingredients like bamboo toothbrushes, etc.

Simple Sundries

To achieve the objective of reducing, reusing, and refilling, Simple Sundries uses glass jars with reclaimed plastic lids that shoppers can borrow and return after use.

Sheridan's Fruit Market

An all-in-one place for buying fruits, bulk grains, spices, veggies, tea, snacks like popcorn, sandwiches, meats, and even wine and beer.

Know Thy Food

A community owned co-op. a daytime cafe and a zero-waste shop in one that brings together the farmers, buyers, and the Portland community.

Food Front

The objective of this co-operative grocery store is to build up a sustainable, economical, and responsible food system for its workers, members, and the community