10 Intriguing Vegan Documentaries on

10 Intriguing Vegan Documentaries on

Vegan documentaries cover topics from climate change, animal cruelty and animal agriculture to benefits of a vegan lifestyle, misconceptions and factory farming.

What Are Vegan Documentaries?

This documentary uncovers massive health and environmental scandal in meat and poultry production.

A River of Waste

IMDB Rating - 8.1/10

Morgan Spurlock carries out a 30-day experiment where he will only eat McDonald’s fast food for all his meals.

Supersize Me

IMDB Rating - 7.2/10

This documentary explores claims that majority of degenerative diseases can be managed by rejecting animal-based foods and processed food.

Forks Over Knives

IMDB Rating - 7.7/10

This documentary introduces the world to the everyday improvements in life as they go vegan.

Vegan Everyday Stories

IMDB Rating - 7.8/10

This documentary explores the secrets that diet, weight loss, and food-based industries conceal from consumers.

Hungry for Change

IMDB Rating - 7.4/10

True story of Juan-Carlos Asse, a fitness trainer who believes that a vegan diet along with exercising can improve people’s health.

Unsupersize Me

IMDB Rating - 6.4/10

John Papola & his vegetarian wife offer a refreshing and unbiased look at how farm animals are raised for human consumption.

At the Fork

IMDB Rating - 7.4/10

The documentary focuses on human health and companies manufacturing food products in light of a man who escapes death from a heart attack.

IMDB Rating - 4.9/10

The Big Fat Lie

This documentary explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns seen across the African-American community.

The Invisible Vegan

IMDB Rating - 7.4/10

This documentary on the Hogwood farm sends out a strong message against the meat industry and their inhumane animal treatment.


IMDB Rating - 8.1/10

A Modern Horror Story