8 Top Sustainable Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2022

Sustainable Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies and the ones using far less energy resources for their computations / transactions are called as Sustainable Cryptocurrencies.


Chia is based upon proof of space which is a cryptographic technique where farmers prove that they allocate unused hard drive space to the network. It is less energy intensive and as secure.


Algorand uses public blockchain that runs on a version of proof-of-stake, which drives electricity consumption to almost zero on a fundamental level.


IOTA is an open, scalable distributed ledger. There are no miners, no stakers for the IOTA Token. Value and data can be transacted without any fees, enabling a variety of use cases.


Bitgreen delivers the first blockchain marketplace for buying digital green bonds easy to finance high quality Carbon Credits that conserve nature help local communities financially.


Cardano uses proof-of-stake and Ouroboros, the most environmentally sustainable Blockchain Protocol. It enables to sustainably scale secure & transparent global payment systems.


Nano uses an innovative non-energy-intensive voting system where no mining is required. It uses magnitude-less energy providing the world with sustainable currency for a greener future.


SolarCoin, uses a different validation process known as proof-of-authority which does not utilize mining thus requiring much less energy expenditure and carbon emissions.


Devvio works on sharding. Each blockchain ledger is represented by a separate shard. For its processing, it does not have to go through the entire network thus saving on energy resources.


This is just a curated list based on information available on the World Wide Web and no way an investment advice.