8 Best Sustainable Clothing Brands for Conscious Teens


Sustainable range of clothes for teens made from organic hemp.


Climate neutral certified. Fair Trade production. GOTS organic cotton.


Catching A Fish In Norway - and young creative collective, designing and supplying the world with ethical and sustainable streetwear.

Lucy & Yak

Colourful and comfy clothing using organic cotton, recycled wool and recycled polyester.

Infantium Victoria

Finest sustainable, eco-friendly, organic fashionwear for teens.


Each Riyka collection is a small edit of sustainable fabrics, which carry the brand's signature geometric paneling.


Most sustainable. Carbon and water neutral. Climate Neutral Certified. 100% recyclable. Free Returns.


Sustainable range made with at least 30% preferred materials, like recycled nylon/polyester, organically grown cotton, or TENCEL™.