8 Sustainabe Plus Size Jeans Brands for All-time Wear


Here is a list of some of the best brands making PLUS SIZE Jeans for all time wear, taking care of natural materials, ethical sourcing, fair trade practices and what not! Check size charts.

Choose your style Size fully customizable

Unisex Antifit Denims Sizes - 24 through 40

ComfortDenim Stovepipe Jeans Sizes – 00 to 40 (4XS to 4XL)

Kayla jean plus 18W, 20W, 22W

Denim Original Overalls Sizes – 24 (XP) to 62 (XL)

ASE Plus High Rise Straight 28” Sizes – 14 to 24 (Waist 34 to 44)

Relaxed Solid Jeans Sizes – 3XR (26W – 28W), 6XP (38W – 40W), 6 XR (38W – 40W)

Typical Girls Sizes – 24X32 to 40X34