7 Fast Fashion Brands in Canada To Keep Away From


Aritzia tried to tidy up its fast fashion tendencies by taking up a few sustainable measures, but that hasn’t proved as successful as one would like it to.


Zara has taken up some sustainable measures to hush the rising criticism for its fast-fashion tendencies. But the recent transparency rating is low.


The brand does not disclose any information on their supply chain, sourcing policy, or manufacturing practices.

Canada Goose

The brand discloses no information regarding its supply chain, sourcing, and manufacturing practices.

Dynamite Clothing

Dynamite rarely uses planet-friendly fabrics, and hasn’t made any effort towards its greenhouse gas emissions reduction.

La Senza

The brand has zero transparency and we know nothing about its supply chain, carbon footprint, or animal welfare policy.

Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh products are cheap, made with not-so-planet-friendly fabrics like Polyester, Conventional Cotton, Rayon, Nylon, etc.