12 Must Watch Vegan Documentaries on Netflix

Vegan documentaries cover topics from climate change, animal cruelty and animal agriculture to benefits of a vegan lifestyle, misconceptions and factory farming.

What Are Vegan Documentaries?

Eating You Alive studies the food that goes into our body as a major cause for chronic diseases.

Eating You Alive

IMDB Rating - 7.9/10

Earthlings reveals the flawed ethics of the human world and pushes one to abandon the use of all animal products.


IMDB Rating - 8.6/10

A UFC Fighter tries to find the truth about a healthy diet and whether meats are actually part of it or not.

The Game Changers

IMDB Rating - 7.8/10

Rotten reveals the truth behind the ethically flawed food industry that exploits the small scale farmer as well as the consumers.


IMDB Rating - 7.2/10

Vegucated follows the life of three meat-eating and dairy-consuming individuals as they take up a challenge to stay vegan for six weeks.


IMDB Rating - 7.1/10

Cowspiracy helps you connect the dots that link animal agriculture and climate change.


IMDB Rating - 8.2/10

Seaspiracy advocates abstaining from fish consumption by showcasing the horrific impact of commercial fishing on marine life.


IMDB Rating - 8.1/10

This documentary is a witness statement on shocking truths about dismal future of our planet and suggested corrective measures.

A Life On Our Planet

IMDB Rating - 8.2/10

David Attenborough

The Milk System exposes how there’s nothing innocent about milk production and consumption.

The Milk System

IMDB Rating - 7.0/10

The movie reveals the bitter truth about the theme parks that pluck out marine animals from their wild habitation and place them in confined spaces.


IMDB Rating - 8.1/10

Watch Kip Andersen decoding the secret to reversing chronic ailments only to find that everything lies in consuming animal products.

What The Health

IMDB Rating - 7.2/10