10 Best Sustainable Sweater Brands to Cozy Up in 2022


Sustainable sweaters and sweatshirts in various fabrics, such as Lyocell, organic cotton, knit blends, recycled cashmere and more.


Sustainable long lasting sweaters made from wool and cashmere fibers sourced using cruelty free animal practices.


All-natural fibers in all our materials. Sweaters made of 100% organic cotton traceable from seed to garment.


Sustainable sweaters made from planet friendly, vegan friendly, plant derived, organic, plastic free natural fibers.


Timeless pieces that respect the planet and its people, eco-friendly materials. Holder of 5 most reliable certifications.


Sweaters made from sustainable crops, organic farms, and GOTS certified manufacturing to ensure that fibers support the planet from seed to tee.


Reimagined cashmere. The most luxurious yarn on earth, recycled into a classic knit.


Traceable, renewable and recycled materials. Promote ethical conditions for animals behind raw materials.

Colorful Standard

Organic and recycled materials. All styles are made from either 100% Organic Cotton or 100% Recycled Merino Wool.

Amour Vert

Sustainable sweaters and cardigans made with the finest renewable and eco-friendly materials for long-lasting comfort and easy care.