12 Best Sustainable Denim Brands to Try in 2022

Warp + Weft

Most sustainable denim made from responsibly sourced raw cotton and using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. 

Outland Denim

A brand dedicated to uplifting people and the planet. No smoke. No mirrors. No greenwashing. Just genuine impact.

DL 1961

A Circular Denim Company. High performance denim made from previously loved knits, jeans and everything in between.


Boyish jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process.

ELV Denim

An upcycled zero waste denim brand. Old discarded denims are transformed into modern, sophisticated and even 'made to measure' jeans.


Founded on a total commitment to sustainability. Crafted to the highest possible ethical and environmental standards.


Sustainably crafted jeans with responsible sourcing, animal welfare and transparency as high held values.


Unspun jeans are made from cellulose-based fibers - rendering them more recyclable and in some cases biodegradable.


Responsibly elevating fashion, one pair of jeans at a time.


Perfect jeans. Climate-positive. B Corp. Lease or buy. Discover a world without waste. Front runner in circular denim.


Organic denim brand. Timeless wardrobe essentials, fairly made to last.


Organic cotton only. Free repairs forever.