11 Best Vegan Documentaries on Hulu You Can't Miss

Vegan documentaries cover topics from climate change, animal cruelty and animal agriculture to benefits of a vegan lifestyle, misconceptions and factory farming.

What Are Vegan Documentaries?

This inspiring vegan documentary proves that a plant based diet coupled with a good exercise regimen can do wonders for an individual’s health.

Unsupersize Me

IMDB Rating - 6.4/10

This documentary exposes the diet industry’s ways of deluding people. It will make you think about choosing vegan whole-foods over animal products.

Hungry for Change

IMDB Rating - 7.4/10

This documentary features Joe Cross and his 60-day juice fast undertaken to lose weight and get in shape. Watch the wonders of diet change.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

IMDB Rating - 7.5/10

Food Inc. reveals how big corporations hide horrible truths about how our food is manufactured and how the power to turn the tables is in our hands.

Food, Inc

IMDB Rating - 7.8/10

Interspersed with interviews with experts, this vegan documentary examines the impact a person’s food choices on his/her personal health and on the whole planet.

Food Choices

IMDB Rating - 7.3/10

Eating Animals is a breathtaking film that makes you question the very basics of factory farming and question its ethicality.

Eating Animals

IMDB Rating - 7.3/10

Food Evolution discusses the debate around genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and explores whether GMOs are a bad option for meeting the increasing food needs.

Food Evolution

IMDB Rating - 6.9/10

This documentary film aims at spreading the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. It showcases the personal journeys of four vegan people with a mission.

Vegan Everyday Stories

IMDB Rating - 7.8/10

The food industry manipulates our food choices and offers unhealthy products. This documentary explores healthy substitutes for such products.

In Defense of Food

IMDB Rating - 7.7/10

Watch the rise of Greta Thunberg, a climate activist, from her speech on climate action in her school to participation in UN Climate Action Summit.

I Am Greta

IMDB Rating - 7.7/10

Honeyland captures the beauty of traditional beekeeping and honey cultivation as practised by Hatidze, a woman living with her ailing mother in the mountains of Macedonia.


IMDB Rating - 8/10

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