Peter Barajas

I'm a journalist, editor, and strategist who has spent the last 12 years working at the intersection of sustainability and public health. I've been lucky enough to touch diverse corners of the world, from sub-Saharan Africa to New York City, so that I can spread my message—a message that is, in essence, a call for hope.My career began with an undergraduate degree in journalism at University of Texas at Austin, which lead me to work with an international nonprofit group in African policy and HIV advocacy. From there, I went on to Columbia Journalism School for my master's degree in journalism before co-founding two successful PR companies with my close friend and business partner, who is now also my husband. We then sold the company five years ago.Public outreach has always been central to what I do. For example, since 2009 I have organized a beach cleanup on Pacifica Beach every year (and sometimes more than one!). It's not only a physical labor of love but also an outlet for education about how we can all make small changes that collectively have a huge impact on our global environment. I feel most satisfied when I am using what I know as well as what I do to create awareness around the environment.

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